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Food price dynamics and price adjustment in the EU, edited by Steve McCorriston

Food price dynamics and price adjustment in the EU, edited by Steve McCorriston
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Food price dynamics and price adjustment in the EU
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edited by Steve McCorriston
This book addresses the important issue of food prices across EU Member States. Although recent attention has focused on events in world commodity markets following the spikes in world prices in 2007-2008 and 2011, there has been comparatively little attention addressing food price dynamics at the retail level. This volume addresses the characteristics of retail food price behaviour and the nature and drivers of price transmission across the EU. There are several inter-related features of the research reported here. First, the volume reports the characteristics of retail food inflation across the EU and the extent to which it differs from non-food inflation. Second, given the different experience of food inflation across EU Member States, it details the process of price transmission as shocks from upstream and world markets are passed through the food sector to the retail stage. Third, it addresses how the extent and nature of price transmission is determined by various aspects of competition throughout the domestic food sector and how the nature of vertical contracting between stages can determine the price transmission process
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Food inflation in the EU : contrasting experience and recent insights / Tim Lloyd, Steve McCorriston, and Wyn Morgan -- Overview of price transmission and reasons for different adjustment patterns across EU member states / Islam Hassouneh ... [et al.] -- Price transmission in food chains : the case of the dairy industry / Céline Bonnet, Tifenn Corre, and Vincent Réquillart -- Spatial and temporal retail pricing on the German beer market / Jens-Peter Loy and Thomas Glauben -- The use of scanner data for measuring food inflation / Elene Castellari ... [et al.] -- Price transmission in modern agricultural value chains : some conceptual issues / Johan Swinnen and Anneleen Vandeplas -- A supply chain perspective on price formation in agri-food chains / Gerhard Schiefer and Jivka Deiters -- Summing up : New insights and the emerging policy and research agenda for addressing food price inflation / Steve McCorriston
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