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US foreign policy, edited by Michael Cox, Doug Stokes

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US foreign policy, edited by Michael Cox, Doug Stokes
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Includes bibliographical references (p. [431]-448) and index
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non fiction
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US foreign policy
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edited by Michael Cox, Doug Stokes
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Introduction : US foreign policy -- past, present, and future / Michael Cox and Doug Stokes -- Theories of US foreign policy / Brian Schmidt -- American exceptionalism / Daniel Deudney and Jeffrey Meiser -- The US rise to world power, 1776-1945 / Walter LaFeber -- American foreign policy during the Cold War / Richard Saull -- America in the 1990s : searching for purpose / John Dumbrell -- Obama and smart power / Joseph S. Nye -- The foreign policy process : executive, Congress, intelligence / Michael Foley -- Military power and US foreign policy / Beth A. Fischer -- Regional shifts and US foreign policy / Peter Trubowitz -- Media and US foreign policy / Piers Robinson -- Identities and US foreign policy / Christina Rowley and Jutta Weldes -- US foreign policy in the Middle East / Toby Dodge -- The USA and the EU / Mike Smith -- US foreign policy in Russia / Peter Rutland and Gregory Dubinsky -- The USA, China, and rising Asia / Michael Cox -- US foreign policy in Latin America / James Dunkerley -- US foreign policy in Africa / Robert G. Patman -- Global economy / Peter Gowan -- Global terrorism / Paul Rogers -- Global environment / Robin Eckersley -- American foreign policy after 9/11 / Caroline Kennedy-Pipe -- The future of US foreign policy / Anatol Lieven -- US decline or primacy? A debate / Christopher Lane, William Wohlforth, and Stephen G. Brooks
United States foreign policy

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