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Kuwait :, Statistical Appendix

Kuwait :, Statistical Appendix
The Statistical Appendix of Kuwait discusses the basic social and demographic indicators, selected economic indicators, GDP, balance of payments, gross domestic expenditure, LPG and oil production, disposal, and prices, consumer price index, wholesale price index, industrial output, agricultural and fisheries production, population and employment, government revenue, import and export, bank credit and interest rates, monetary accounts and monetary survey, and summary of government finance for the period 2001–07
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Kuwait :
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IMF Staff Country Reports
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Statistical Appendix
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Cover; Contents; Tables; Basic Data and Selected Economic Indicators, 2003-07; 1. Sectoral Origin of Gross Domestic Product at Current Prices, 2001-06; 2. Sectoral Origin of Gross Domestic Product at Constant 2000 Prices, 2001-06; 3. Gross Domestic Expenditure at Current Market Prices, 2001-06; 4. Gross Domestic Expenditure at Constant 2000 Prices, 2001-06; 5. Production, Disposal, and Prices of Oil and LPG, 2001-07; 6. Consumer Price Index, 2001-07; 7. Wholesale Price Index, 2001-07; 8. Output of Major Industrial Products, 2001-06; 9. Agricultural and Fisheries Production, 2000/01-2005/0610. Population and Employment, 2002-0611. Distribution of Employees by Economic Activity and Nationality, 2003-06; 12. Permits for Expatriate Workers, 1995-2007; 13. Number of Construction Permits Issued, 1991-2007; 14. Summary of Government Finance, 2002/03-2007/08; 15. Government Revenue, 2002/03-2007/08; 16. Government Current Expenditure, 2002/03-2007/08; 17. Government Capital Expenditures and Land Purchases, 2002/03-2007/08; 18. Government Domestic Subsidies and Transfers, 2002/03-2007/08; 19. Monetary Accounts of the Central Bank, 2001-07; 20. Monetary Survey, 2001-0721. Balance Sheet of the Local Banks, 2001-0722. Distribution of Local Bank Domestic Credit Outstanding to the Private Sector, 2001-07; 23. Structure of Interest Rates, 2001-07; 24. Interest Rates on Kuwaiti Dinar and U.S. Dollar Deposits with Local Banks, 2001-07; 25. Balance Sheet of the Investment Companies, 2001-07; 26. Composition of Imports, 2001-07; 27. Composition of Exports, 2001-07; 28. Summary Balance of Payments, 2001-07 (in Kuwaiti dinars); 29. Summary Balance of Payments, 2001-07 (in U.S. dollars); 30. External Services, Investment Income, and Current Transfers, 2001-0731. Capital and Financial Account, 2001-07 (in Kuwait dinars)32. Capital Financial Account, 2001-07 (in U.S. dollars); 33. Reserves and Net Foreign Assets of the Financial Sector, 2001-07; 34. Financial Soundness Indicators, 2001-07; 35. Selected Stock Market Indicators, 2001-07; 36. External Debt, 2001-06
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