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Handbook of regions and competitiveness, contemporary theories and perspectives on economic development, edited by Robert Huggins, Piers Thompson

Handbook of regions and competitiveness, contemporary theories and perspectives on economic development, edited by Robert Huggins, Piers Thompson
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Handbook of regions and competitiveness
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edited by Robert Huggins, Piers Thompson
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contemporary theories and perspectives on economic development
The field of regional development is subject to an ever-increasing multiplicity of concepts and theories seeking to explain uneven competitiveness. In particular, economic geographers and spatial economists have rapidly developed the theoretical tools by which to approach such analyses. The aim of this Handbook is to take stock of regional competitiveness and complementary concepts as a means of presenting a state-of-the-art discussion of the advanced theories, perspectives and empirical explanations that help make sense of the determinants of uneven development across regions. Drawing on an international field of leading scholars, the book is assembled and organized so that readers can first learn of the theoretical underpinnings of regional competitiveness and development theory, before moving on to deeper discussions of key factors and principal elements, the emergence of allied concepts, empirical applications, and the policy context. International in its scope, including global empirical analysis, the book is a definitive resource in terms of providing access to some of the seminal research and thinking on regional competitiveness. This contemporary Handbook is an ideal reference for students and academics in the fields of economic geography and spatial economics. It will also appeal to policymakers and other stakeholders involved in regional economic development
Table Of Contents
1. Introducing regional competitiveness and development: contemporary theories and perspectives / Robert Huggins and Piers Thompson -- Part I: Regional competitiveness, economic development and growth -- 2. Explaining regional growth and change / Michael Storper -- 3. Measuring and monitoring regional competitiveness in the European Union / Lewis Dijkstra and Paola Annoni -- 4. Regional competitiveness and economic growth: the evolution of explanatory models / Richard Harris -- 5. Explaining regional economic performance: the role of competitiveness, specialization and capabilities / Jan Fagerberg and Martin Srholec -- 6. Economic competitiveness and regional development dynamics / Edward J. Malecki -- Part II: The principal elements of regional competitiveness -- 7. Regional competitiveness: connecting an old concept with new goals / Karl Aiginger and Matthias Firgo -- 8. Regional economic competition and place-based policies / Frank van Oort and Mark Thissen -- 9. The dynamics of regional competitiveness / Ugo Fratesi -- 10. Territorial capital, competitiveness and regional development / Roberto Camagni -- 11. A network theory of regional competitiveness: innovation, entrepreneurship and growth / Robert Huggins and Piers Thompson -- Part III: Regional competitiveness, resilience and quality -- 12. Resilience, networks and competitiveness: a conceptual framework / Joan Crespo, Ron Boschma and Pierre-Alexandre Balland -- 13. Competitiveness and regional economic resilience / Ron Martin and Peter Sunley -- 14. Regional resilience in Italy: do employment and income tell the same story? / Roberto Cellini, Paolo di Caro and Gianpiero Torrisi -- 15. Quality and space: a framework for quality-based regional competitiveness / Johan Jansson and Anders Waxell -- Part IV: Competitiveness and emerging regions -- 16. Innovation and competitiveness in the periphery of Europe / Andrés Rodríguez-Pose and Callum Wilkie -- 17. Urban land, infrastructure and competitiveness in the Global South / Ivan Turok -- 18. Competitive and uncompetitive regions in transition economies: the case of the Visegrád post-socialist countries / Imre Lengyel -- Part V: Urban regions and city competitiveness -- 19. Urban sustainable competitiveness: a comparative analysis of 500 cities around the world / Pengfei Ni and Yufei Wang -- 20. Competition and cooperation in the Hong Kong-Shenzhen region / Jianfa Shen -- 21. Measuring urban competitiveness in Europe / Lucía Sáez and Iñaki Periáñez -- Part VI: Regional competitiveness strategies and policy -- 22. Upgrading regional competitiveness: what role for regional governments? / Christian Ketels -- 23. The strategic management of places and regional competitiveness / David Audretsch, Hugo Menendez, Aileen Richardson and Apexa Mamtora -- 24. Regional competitiveness, policy transfer and smart specialization / Philip McCann and Raquel Ortega-Argilés -- 25. Regional competitiveness policy in an era of smart specialization strategies / Mari José Aranguren, Edurne Magro and James R. Wilson
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