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Vanuatu :, Selected Issues

Vanuatu :, Selected Issues
This Selected Issues paper focuses on the reasons for the historically weak performance of Vanuatu. Among the key factors, growth has been hindered by substantial barriers to private sector development. Impediments include political uncertainty, high costs of doing business, poor and costly infrastructure, incomplete secured transactions framework, and weak land and property rights. Although these problems are not uncommon in the Pacific island region, Vanuatu’s progress in these structural reforms has been particularly slow, deterring foreign investment and reducing external competitiveness
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Vanuatu :
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IMF Staff Country Reports
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Selected Issues
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Cover; Contents; I. Why Has Vanuatu's Growth Performance Been Historically Weak?; A. Introduction; B. Barriers to Private Sector Development; C. What Can Be Done to Improve Vanuatu's Growth Prospects?; Boxes; I.1. Aid Effectiveness in Vanuatu; References; II. Vanuatu's Financial Sector; A. Introduction; B. Domestic Commercial Banks and Vanuatu National Provident Fund; C. Development Finance; II.1. The Failure of the Development Bank of Vanuatu (DBV); II.2. Regional Experiences with Developments Banks; D. Other Domestic Financial Sector Issues; E. The Offshore Financial Center
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