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Qatar :, Selected Issues

Qatar :, Selected Issues
This Selected Issues paper focuses on fiscal policy and financial linkages across banks in Qatar. The paper presents main stylized facts on the evolution of revenues and expenditures and the relationship with oil prices. It analyzes the evolution of the fiscal policy stance in the run-up to and after the global financial crisis. The paper also assesses the current fiscal stance in the context of the authorities’ own objective of fully financing the budget from 2020 onward from its nonhydrocarbon revenues
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Qatar :
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IMF Staff Country Reports
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Selected Issues
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Cover; Contents; I. Fiscal Policy in Qatar; A. Introduction; B. Evolution of Revenues, Expenditures and the Oil Price; Figures; 1. Total Revenues, Expenditures and the Oil Price, 1990-2010; 2. Share of Major Revenue Categories in Total Revenue, 1986-2010; 3. Government Hydrocarbon Revenues and Total Expenditure, 1990-2010; 4. Share of Capital and Current Expenditures in Total Expenditures, 1990-2010; 5. Evolution of Wages and Salaries in Current and Total Expenditures, 1990-2011; 6. Government Hydrocarbon Revenues and Nonhydrocarbon Primary Deficit, 1990-2010C. The Evolution of the Fiscal Policy Stance7. Net Cash Flow to the State from Qatar Petroleum, 2004-16; 8. Nonhydrocarbon Primary Balance and the Oil Price, 1990-2010; 9. Real Nonhydrocarbon GDP Growth, 1990-2010; D. Current Fiscal Stance; 10. The Nonhydrocarbon Output Gap and Inflation, 1990-2010; 11. Medium-term Fiscal Stance Before and After the Salary Increase, 2006-16 (Nonhydrocarbon balance concept); 12. Medium-term Fiscal Stance Before and After the Salary Increase, 2006-16 (Nonhydrocarbon primary balance concept); 13. Projected and Sustainable Nonhydrocarbon Primary Deficit, 2008-16ReferencesII. Financial Linkages Across Banks in Qatar; A. Background; 14. Qatar Banking System, December 2010; B. Data; C. Methodologies and Results; 15. Stock Prices and Default Probabilities of Qatari Banks, 2008-11; Tables; 1. Co-VaR Estimates for Qatari Banks Jan 2008-June 2011; 2. Change in Co-VaR Estimates for Qatari Banks Jan 2008-June 2001; D. Distress Dependence Approach; E. Bank Stability Index (BSI); F. Distress Dependence and Spillover Coefficients; 16. Qatar Banks Stability Index, 2008-11; 17. Qatar Banking system: Spillover Coefficients, 2008-11; G. Policy ImplicationsReferences