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Spain :, The Reform of Spanish Savings Banks Technical Notes

Spain :, The Reform of Spanish Savings Banks Technical Notes
This technical note assesses the reform of Spanish savings banks (SSBs). It provides a brief overview of the SSB institutional framework before the reform, and describes the main factors that led to the financial distress, albeit uneven, of the SSB sector. The note outlines major regulatory and institutional reforms of SSBs. It evaluates the main achievements of the reforms to date, and also considers improvements to the current framework and potential developments in the SSB institutional framework
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Spain :
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The Reform of Spanish Savings Banks Technical Notes
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Cover; Contents; Glossary; A; B; C; F; L; M; N; R; S; Executive Summary; Table; 1. Main Recommendations; The Reform of the Spanish Savings Banks; I. Spanish Savings Banks Before the Reform: A Brief Overview; II. From Boom to Crisis; Figures; 1. Savings Vs. Commercial Banks, 1980-2010; III. From Savings Banks to (Indirect) Commercial Banks; IV. Reforms Achievements; 2. Spanish Savings Banks' Integration Process; 3. Spanish Savings Banks' Market Shares; 4. Spanish Savings Banks: Ownership Structure and Participation in Newly Created Commercial BanksV. Toward a New Role for Spanish Savings BanksBox; 1. Stakeholders' Complex Objectives in Corporate Governance: International Practices and Countries' Experiences; References
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