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Policy making in Britain, an introduction, Peter Dorey

Policy making in Britain, an introduction, Peter Dorey
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Policy making in Britain
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Peter Dorey
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an introduction
Introducing you to the public policy making process in Britain today, this book adopts an empirical approach to the study of policy making by relating theory to actual developments in Britain since the 1980s. It covers: * Ideas, Problem Definition, Issues and Agenda-Setting * Key Individuals * Key Institutions * Parliament and Public Policy Implementation * The shift from Government to Governance (including marketization, and devolution) * The increasing role of the private and voluntary sectors in policy delivery * Internationalisation and Europeanization of policies and policy making * Evaluation, audits and the New Public Management Each chapter is enriched by recent real-life case studies and boxes illustrating key arguments, concepts and empirical developments. Taking into account the 2010 election and beyond, the book addresses current issues, developments and debates. The result is a contemporary and engaging text that will be required reading for all students of British politics, public policy and public administration
Table Of Contents
Problem Definition and Policy Agendas -- Policy Advocates: Political Parties, Think Tanks and Organized Interests -- The Core Executive, Part One: The Individuals and their Policy Roles -- The Core Executive, Part Two: The Institutions and the Policy Roles -- Parliament and Public Policy -- From Government to Governance -- The Internationalization of Public Policy -- Policy Implementation -- Policy Evaluation
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