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The future of war, a history, Lawrence Freedman

The future of war, a history, Lawrence Freedman
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Includes bibliographical references (p. 333-361) and index
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The future of war
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Lawrence Freedman
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a history
From one of the UK's leading strategic thinkers, Freedman presents a new approach to ideas about war. Looking back through history, he shows how military thinking tried to predict the future
Table Of Contents
Decisive Battle -- Indecisive Battle -- The House of Strife -- Victory Through Cruelty -- Failures of Peace -- Total War -- The Balance of Terror -- Stuck in the Nuclear Age -- A Surprise Peace -- A Science of War -- Counting the Dead -- Democracy and War -- New Wars and Failed States -- Ancient Hatreds and Mineral Curses -- Intervention -- Counter-Insurgency to Counter-Terrorism -- From Counter-Terrorism to Counter-Insurgency -- The Role of Barbarism -- Cure Not Prevention -- Hybrid Wars -- Cyberwar -- Robots and Drones -- Mega-Cities and Climate Change -- Coming Wars -- The Future of the Future of War
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