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Hospitality and World Politics, by Gideon Baker

Hospitality and World Politics, by Gideon Baker
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non fiction
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Hospitality and World Politics
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by Gideon Baker
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Palgrave Studies in International Relations
A long neglected concept in the field of international relations and political theory, hospitality provides a new framework for analysing many of the challenges in world politics today, from the search for peaceable relations between states to asylum and refugee crises
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Cover; Contents; List of Illustrations; Acknowledgements; Notes on Contributors; Introduction; Part I: On the Origins of Modern Hospitality; 1 Leviathan's Children: On the Origins of Modern Hospitality; 2 Right of Entry or Right of Refusal? Hospitality in the Law of Nature and Nations; 3 From Hospitality to the Right of Immigration in the Law of Nations: 1750-1850; Part II: The Ethics of Global Hospitality; 4 Between Naturalism and Cosmopolitan Law: Hospitality as Transitional Global Justice; 5 The Wolf at the Door: Hospitality and the Out law inInternational Relations6 Be Welcome: Religion, Hospitality and Statelessness in International PoliticsPart III: Understanding Hospitality in World Politics: Social-Theoretical Approaches; 7 Relative Strangers: Reflections on Hospitality, Social Distance and Diplomacy; 8 Reservations on Hospitality: Contact and Vulnerability in Kant and Indigenous Action; 9 Conducting Strangers: Hospitality and Governmentality in the Global City; Index
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