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Teaching Signature Thinking, The Key to Classroom Creativity

Teaching Signature Thinking, The Key to Classroom Creativity
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Teaching Signature Thinking
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The Key to Classroom Creativity
How do you help students uncover and hone their innate talents to create works that are uniquely their own, works worthy of their signatures? This unique new book guides teachers with practical, research-based strategies that can be used to make creativity the new normal in classrooms. You⁰́₉ll learn how to equip students with the knowledge necessary to innovate in a field, and how to help students embrace a risk-ready environment. You⁰́₉ll also find out how to help students tinker and build prototypes through project-based learning. With the step-by-step guidance in this book, students will be able to bring their creativity to life and will be more prepared to leave their mark on the world
Table Of Contents
1. Getting Started with Signature Thinking 2. Signature Thinking Projects 3. Knowledge⁰́₄The Key to Playing Well 4. Risk-Ready Environment 5. The What If and Maybe Mindset 6. Tinkering and Prototyping 7. Scaling Signature Thinking School-wide
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