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Child sponsorship, exploring pathways to a brighter future, edited by B. Watson, M. Clarke

Child sponsorship, exploring pathways to a brighter future, edited by B. Watson, M. Clarke
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non fiction
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Child sponsorship
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edited by B. Watson, M. Clarke
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exploring pathways to a brighter future
This book reviews the remarkable growth, diversity and challenges of child sponsorship. It features the latest progress in child sponsorship practice and necessary tensions experienced by some organisations as they seek to maximise impact
Table Of Contents
Cover; Contents; List of Figures; List of Abbreviations; Foreword; Acknowledgements; Notes on Contributors; 1 Introduction to Key Issues in Child Sponsorship; 2 Origins of Child Sponsorship: Save the Children Fund in the 1920s; 3 A Typology of Child Sponsorship Activity; 4 Issues in Historic Child Sponsorship; 5 Excellence or Exit: Transforming Save the Children's Child Sponsorship Programming; 6 Child Sponsorship and Rights-Based Interventions at Plan: Tensions and Synergies; 7 World Vision - Moving Sponsorship Along the Development Continuum8 Compassion International: Holistic Child Development through Sponsorship and Church Partnership9 Children at the Centre: Children International, Child Sponsorship and Community Empowerment in Underserved Areas; 10 Baptist World Aid: Transition to a Child Centred Community Development Approach; 11 Through the Eyes of the Sponsored; 12 World Vision, Organizational Identity and the Evolution of Child Sponsorship; 13 Give and Take? Child Sponsors and the Ethics of Giving; 14 Child Sponsorship as Development Education in the Northern Classroom; 15 Child Sponsorship: A Path to its Future; Index