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The Oxford guide to treaties, edited by Duncan B. Hollis

The Oxford guide to treaties, edited by Duncan B. Hollis
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The Oxford guide to treaties
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edited by Duncan B. Hollis
Table Of Contents
Introduction / Duncan B. Hollis -- Defining treaties / Duncan B. Hollis -- Alternatives to treaty-making : MOUs as political commitments / Anthony Aust -- Who can make treaties? : International organizations / Olufemi Elias -- Who can make treaties? : The European Union / Marise Cremona -- Who can make treaties? : Other subjects of international law / Tom Grant -- NGOs in international treaty-making / Kal Raustiala -- Making the treaty / George Korontzis -- Treaty signature / Curtis A Bradley -- Provisional application of treaties / Robert E Dalton -- Managing the process of treaty formation : depositaries and registration / Arancha Hinojal-Oyarbide and Annebeth Rosenboom -- Treaty reservations / Edward T Swaine -- The territorial application of treaties / Syméon Karagiannis -- Third party rights and obligations in treaties / David J Bederman -- Treaty amendments / Jutta Brunnée -- Domestic application of treaties / David Sloss -- State succession in respect of treaties / Gerhard Hafner and Gregor Novak -- Treaty bodies and regimes / Geir Ulfstein -- Treaty conflicts and normative fragmentation / Christopher J Borgen -- The Vienna Convention rules on treaty interpretation / Richard Gardiner -- Specialized rules of treaty interpretation : international organizations / Catherine Brölmann -- Specialized rules of treaty interpretation : human rights / Başak Çali -- The validity and invalidity of treaties / Jan Klabbers -- Reacting against treaty breaches / Bruno Simma and Christian J Tams -- Exceptional circumstances and treaty commitments / Malgosia Fitzmaurice -- Terminating treaties / Laurence R Helfer -- [Sample] Treaty clauses. Initial decisions on treaty-making; Conditions on joining a treaty; Constituting the treaty and its dissemination; Applying the treaty; Amendments; The end of treaty relations
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