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Situating Intersectionality, Politics, Policy, and Power, by Angelia R. Wilson

Situating Intersectionality, Politics, Policy, and Power, by Angelia R. Wilson
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non fiction
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Situating Intersectionality
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by Angelia R. Wilson
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The Politics of Intersectionality
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Politics, Policy, and Power
A new generation of political science scholars who are comfortable employing intersectional analysis are emerging and their work hones in directly on the complexity of politics, governance and policy making in an increasingly small, technologically connected, ideologically nuanced, global Public Square
Table Of Contents
Machine generated contents note: -- 1. Intersectionality from Theoretical Framework to Policy Intervention; Wendy G. Smooth -- 2. Intersectional Advances? Inclusionary and Intersectional State Action in Uruguay; Erica E. Townsend-Bell -- 3. ID Cards as Access: Negotiating Transgender (and Intersex) Bodies into the Chilean Legal System; Penny Miles -- 4. International Adoption as Humanitarian Aid: The Discursive and Material Production of the Social Orphan in Haitian Disaster Relief; Kate Livingston -- 5. Gendered Subjectivity and Intersectional Political Agency in Transnational Space: The Case of Turkish and Kurdish Women's NGO Activists; Anil Al-Rebholz -- 6. Gender Variance: The Intersection of Understandings Held in the Medical & Social Sciences; Ryan Combs -- 7. Intersectional Analysis at the Medio-Legal Borderland: HIV Testing Innovations and the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure; Daniel Grace -- 8. Crossroads or Categories? Intersectionality Theory and the Case of Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Equalities Initiatives in UK Local Government; Surya Monro and Diane Richardson