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Global commons and the law of the sea, edited by Keyuan Zou

Global commons and the law of the sea, edited by Keyuan Zou
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Global commons and the law of the sea
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edited by Keyuan Zou
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Maritime cooperation in East Asia, volume 5
Global Commons' refers to resource domains or areas that lie outside of the political reach of any one State, including sea areas beyond national jurisdiction and Antarctica. The concept of 'global commons' is a living concept and can accommodate, over time, other commons at the international level, such as biodiversity and generic resources. The situation of global marine commons is not that optimistic in that fishery resources continue to deplete, marine biodiversity continue to reduce, and plastic wastes in the oceans continue to increase. In international law, there are legal regimes governing global marine commons. A most important global treaty is the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (LOSC), which came into effect in 1994. It governs the high seas, international seabed and its resources, marine environmental protection, and fisheries.0'Global Commons and the Law of the Sea' offers intellectual discussions on global marine commons. It contains six parts respectively addressing the principle of the common heritage of mankind (CHM), freedoms of high seas, deep sea mining and international seabed, area beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ) governance, management of geoengineering and generic resources, and recent developments in the polar regions
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Global commons and the law of the sea : an introduction / Keyuan Zou -- Applying the principle of the common heritage of mankind : an east Asian perspective / Seokwoo Lee and Jeong Woo Kim -- The principle of the common heritage of mankind can be applied to marine genetic resources / Yao Huang and Changshun Hu -- U.S. maritime claims and establishment of marine national monuments in the Pacific Ocean : a preliminary study of the question concerning possible encroachment of the global commons / Yann- huei Song -- Rethinking high seas fishing freedoms : how high seas duties are catching up / Warwick Gullett and Quentin Hanich -- Evolution of Soviet maritime navigation policy and China's far seas operations / J. Ashley Roach -- Exploring the deep frontier : deep sea mining opportunities and challenges in the Pacific / Clive Schofield -- Deep seabed mining: environmental concerns and improvement of regulations / Julia Guifang Xue and Xiangxin Xu--, The continental shelf beyond 200 nautical miles and its superjacent waters : a hybrid legal regime within and beyond national jurisdiction / David M. Ong -- An unfinished agenda : governance of areas beyond national jurisdiction / David Freestone -- Areas beyond national jurisdiction : towards the end of the Mediterranean paradox? / Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe -- The international seafood sustainability foundation and high seas fisheries conservation : the potential of private governance for managing public resources in the global commons / Anastasia Telesetsky -- International governance on marine geo-engineering for climate change mitigation / Gi Hoon Hong and Young Joo Lee -- The obligation of due diligence in regulating the marine genetic resources in areas beyond national jurisdiction / Hua Zhang -- The development of the polar code and challenges to its implementation / Zhen Sun and Robert Beckman--, Protecting the commons in the polar south : progress and prospects for marine protected areas in the Antarctic / Karen N. Scott
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