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US-China-Taiwan in the age of Trump and Biden, towards a nationalist strategy, Dean P Chen

US-China-Taiwan in the age of Trump and Biden, towards a nationalist strategy, Dean P Chen
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non fiction
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US-China-Taiwan in the age of Trump and Biden
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Dean P Chen
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Routledge studies on comparative Asian politics
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towards a nationalist strategy
"This book explores U.S.-Taiwan-China relations during both the Trump and Biden administrations, revealing how policy changes under both presidents have impacted Washington's decades-long strategic policy framework for Cross-Strait Relations. By tracing the continuities and changes of U.S. Strategic ambiguity and One-China Policy framework between the Trump and Biden administrations the book reveals how the foreign policy prism, through which U.S. leaders view China and Taiwan, has experienced a distinct alteration, and subsequently led to a policy adjustment. Utilising a wide range of documents and primary material, such as White House documents (ranging from the Clinton to and Biden administrations) in conjunction with interviews with Taiwan officials, this volume provides a detailed portrait of past, present, and potential future U.S.-Taiwan-China relations. Moreover, it provides a succinct examination of U.S. foreign policy traditions such as internationalism, nationalism, and multilateral nationalism (providing a study of US-China relations and policies from Nixon to Biden) and the resulting influence of such traditions on recent U.S Cross-Strait policy. Presenting a comprehensive study of both the Trump and Biden Administrations approach to Taiwan, this will be a valuable resource for any scholar or student of U.S. Foreign Policy, U.S.-Taiwan-China Relations and Cross-Strait Relations"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- Acknowledgments -- Preface -- List of tables -- List of figures -- 1 U.S. Nationalism and Interests (with Michaela Zabel) -- 2 Deepening U.S.-PRC Competitions -- 3 Trump and One-China Adjustments -- 4 Backing Taiwan in a Free and Open Indo-Pacific -- 5 Biden's Multilateralism and Democratic Resilience -- 6 Taiwan Strait in the Era of Fortress America -- Bibliography -- Index

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