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West African Migrations, Transnational and Global Pathways in a New Century, edited by M. Okome

West African Migrations, Transnational and Global Pathways in a New Century, edited by M. Okome
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West African Migrations
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edited by M. Okome
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Transnational and Global Pathways in a New Century
Drawing on the interdisciplinary research projects of scholars from various social science and humanities disciplines, this book explores how African migration to Western countries after the neo-liberal economic reforms of the 1980s transformed West African states and their new transnational populations in Western countries
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Cover; Contents; List of Figures and Tables; Acknowledgments; Notes on Contributors; 1 West African Migrations and Globalization: Introduction; 2 "You can't go home no more": Africans in America in the Age of Globalization; 3 Transnational Identity Formation as a Kaleidoscopic Process: Social Location, Geography, and the Spirit of Critical Engagement; 4 What to Wear? Dress and Transnational African Identity; 5 Insurgent Transnational Conversations in Nigeria's "Nollywood" Cinema; 6 Centripetal Forces: Reconciling Cosmopolitan Lives and Local Loyalty in a Malian Transnational Social Field7 Toward an African Muslim Globality: The Parading of Transnational Identities in Black America8 African Migrant Worker Militancy in the Global North: Labor Contracting and Independent Worker Organizing in New York City; 9 Transnational Memories and Identity; 10 Arrested Nationalism, Imposed Transnationalism, andthe African Literature Classroom: One Nigerian Writer's Learning Curve; Index
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