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Planning for crime prevention, a transatlantic perspective, Richard H. Schneider and Ted Kitchen

Planning for crime prevention, a transatlantic perspective, Richard H. Schneider and Ted Kitchen
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Planning for crime prevention
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Richard H. Schneider and Ted Kitchen
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The RTPI library series
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a transatlantic perspective
Crime and the fear of crime are issues high in public concern and on political agendas in most developed countries. This book takes these issues and relates them to the contribution that urban planners and participative planning processes can make in response to these problems. Its focus is thus on the extent to which crime opportunities can be prevented or reduced through the design, planning and management of the built environment. The perspective of the book is transatlantic and comparative, not only because ideas and inspiration in this and many other fields increasingly move between countries but also because there is a great deal of relevant theoretical material and practice in both the USA and the UK which has not previously been pulled together in this systemic manner
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Machine generated contents note: PART 1 CONTEXT AND KEY IDEAS 1 -- 01 Crime, costs and the quality of life 3 -- 02 Crime trends in the USA and in Britain 29 -- 03 Echoes from the past: caves, castles, citadels, walls and trenches 65 -- 04 Basic theories and principles of place-based crime prevention planning 91 --PART 2 POLICY AND PRACTICE 119 -- 05 American policy and practice 121 -- 06 Case studies in North America 155 -- 07 British policy and practice 183 -- 08 British case studies 219 --PART 3 COMPARISONS AND KEY ISSUES 259 -- 09 Some Anglo-American comparisons 261 -- 10 The way forward 287