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Papua New Guinea, Selected Issues Paper and Statistical Appendix, International Monetary Fund

Papua New Guinea, Selected Issues Paper and Statistical Appendix, International Monetary Fund
This paper examines and tests the existence of political budget cycles in Papua New Guinea during the period 1988–2004. Several factors point to the existence of political budget cycles in Papua New Guinea. The paper provides an overview of the political business cycle literature, and Papua New Guinea’s political structure and processes. It also describes the data set and the empirical methods used to test for the presence of election-influenced spending, and presents the results of a time-series analysis
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Papua New Guinea
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International Monetary Fund
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IMF Staff Country Reports, Number 07/112
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Selected Issues Paper and Statistical Appendix
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Cover; Contents; I. Political Budget Cycles in Papua New Guinea; Table; Table I.1. Papua New Guinea: Coalition Governments, 1977-2002; Table I.2. Descriptive Statistics for the Fiscal Variables (1988:2-2004:4); Figure; Figure I.1. Papua New Guinea: Total Primary Expenditure, 1988-2004; Figure I.2. Papua New Guinea: Recurrent Expenditure, 1988 - 2004; Figure I.3. Papua New Guinea: Development Expenditure, 1988-2004; Figure I.4. Papua New Guinea: Total Revenues, 1988-2004; Figure I.5. Papua New Guinea: Net Credit to Government, 1988 - 2004Table I.3. Cycles in Budget Spending, Revenue, and Net Public CreditII. Tax Summary; Table A. Individual Resident Income Tax Rates From January 1, 2007; Table B. Taxation of Petroleum and Mining Companies; Table C. Tax Rates Applying to Superannuation Earnings; Table D. Excise Tax Rates; Table E. Tariff Rates (in percent); Table F. Distribution of Poker Machine Tax; Statistical Tables; 1. Gross Domestic Product by Sector at Current Market Prices, 2001-05; 2. Gross Domestic Product by Sector at 1998 Constant Prices, 2001-053. Gross Domestic Product by Type of Expenditure at Current Market Prices, 2001-044. Gross Domestic Product by Type of Expenditure at 1998 Constant Prices 2001-04; 5. Production of Major Commodities, 2001-05; 6. Employment by Sector, 2002-September 2006; 7. Consumer Price Index by Expenditure Group, 2001-September 2006; 8a. Central Government Budget, 2002-06 (in millions of kina); 8b. Central Government Budget, 2002-06 (in percent of GDP); 9. Central Government Revenue and Grants, 2002-06; 10. Central Government Fiscal Financing, 2002-0611. Central Government Domestic Debt, 2002-September 200612. Monetary Survey, 2002-September 2006; 13. Balance Sheet of the Central Bank, 2002-September 2006; 14. Consolidated Balance Sheet of Other Depository Corporations, 2002-September 2006; 15. Commercial Bank Loans by Sector, 2002-September 2006; 16. Reserve Requirements, March 1997-September 2006; 17. Interest Rates, 2002-September 2006; 18. Balance of Payments, 2002-05; 19. Exports by Major Commodities, 2002-05; 20. Direction of Trade, 2002-05; 21. Services, Income, and Current Transfers, 2001-05; 22. External Debt Outstanding, 2001-0523. Public External Debt Service, 2001-05
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