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Australian climate policy and diplomacy, government-industry discourses, Ben L. Parr

Australian climate policy and diplomacy, government-industry discourses, Ben L. Parr
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non fiction
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Australian climate policy and diplomacy
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Ben L. Parr
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Routledge focus on environment and sustainability
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government-industry discourses
"This book delivers an up-to-date explanation for Australia's weak response to climate change. The book reveals how policies have evolved over time and as a result of the different foreign policy traditions of the Liberal-National Coalition Party and the Australian Labor Party as alliance-focused versus internationalist respectively. The overall aim of this book is to illustrate how domestic forces have and are influencing Australia's climate policy and what lessons can be learned. In doing so, the book also provides a framework which can be adapted to examine climate mitigation policies in other countries. It also provides a well overdue critique of two texts which have dominated the study of Australian climate policy: Guy Pearse's High and Dry (2007) and Clive Hamilton's Scorcher (2007). Both publications convey the 'greenhouse mafia' hypothesis, which argues that Australia's weak policy response to climate change is the result of a menacing domestic fossil fuel lobby. This book challenges this hypothesis, and, instead, argues that the shared government-industry discourse about protecting Australia's industrial competitiveness has had a more decisive influence in shaping and legitimising Australian climate policy than the direct lobbying tactics of the fossil fuel industry. This book will be of interest to students and scholars of climate change, environmental policy and governance, and Australian climate change policy and politics more specifically, as well as policymakery and practitioners working in these fields"--, Provided by publisher
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