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Who's going green and why?, trends and determinants of green investment, Luc Eyraud [and three others]

Who's going green and why?, trends and determinants of green investment, Luc Eyraud [and three others]
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Who's going green and why?
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Luc Eyraud [and three others]
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IMF working paper, WP/11/296
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trends and determinants of green investment
This paper fills a gap in the macroeconomic literature on renewable sources of energy. It offers a definition of green investment and analyzes the trends and determinants of this investment over the last decade for 35 advanced and emerging countries. We use a new multi-country historical dataset and find that green investment has become a key driver of the energy sector and that its rapid growth is now mostly driven by China. Our econometric results suggest that green investment is boosted by economic growth, a sound financial system conducive to low interest rates, and high fuel prices. We al
Table Of Contents
Cover; Contents; I. Introduction; II. What Is Green Investment and How Can It Be Measured?; A. Definition and Components of Green Investment; B. Measuring Green Investment; Tables; 1. Structure of Green Investment by Category; III. The Growing Importance of Green Energy Sources; A. Green and Brown Energies; Figures; 1. World Electricity Generation; 2. New Electricity Capacity (World); B. Government Support for Renewables; 3. World Primary Energy Consumption, 2007; 2. Main Policy Instruments; 3. Estimates of Public Support for Renewables4. Green Component of Economic Stimuli as of February 2011IV. What Are the Recent Trends in Green Investment?; A. Renewable Energy; 5. Renewable Green Investment, 2000-2010; 6. Renewable Green Investment by Region, 2004-2010; B. Hydro and Nuclear Power; 7. Nuclear Installed Capacity, 1980-2008; 8. Nuclear Investment by Region, 1980-2009; V. What Drives Green Investment?; A. Theoretical Determinants of Green Investment; 9. Installed Hydroelectric Capacity, 1980-2008; B. Empirical Model and Econometric Results; 4. Green Investment Determinants; VI. Conclusion and Policy Implications; Appendices1. Green Investment in Economic and Business Publications2. The New Energy and Finance Database; 3. Energy, Electricity, Power, and Capacity; Box; 1. Selected Renewable Technologies: Terminology and Key Features; 4. Key Renewable Technologies: Definition and Trends; Appendix Figures; 1. Renewable Green Investment by Technology, 2004-2010; 5. Research and Development in Green Technologies; 2. Public and Private R&D in the World; 6. Country List and Data Sources; Appendix Table; 1. List of Variables, Definitions, and Sources; References