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Gender Expertise in Public Policy, Towards a Theory of Policy Success, by S. Hoard

Gender Expertise in Public Policy, Towards a Theory of Policy Success, by S. Hoard
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Includes bibliographical references and index
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non fiction
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Gender Expertise in Public Policy
electronic resource
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by S. Hoard
Series statement
Gender and Politics,, 2662-5814
Sub title
Towards a Theory of Policy Success
Through a selection of in-depth interviews, a survey of experts working with the European Union and United Nations, and Qualitative Comparative Analysis of policy debates, this text rethinks our understanding of gender expertise and the circumstances that lead to expert success in public policy
Table Of Contents
Title; Copyright; Contents; List of Tables; List of Figures; Acknowledgements; 1 Knowledge, Expertise, and Public Policy: The Changing Relationship Between Science and Public Policy; The End of Policy Expertise?; Gender Mainstreaming and Gender Expertise; The Need for Gender Expertise in Gender Mainstreaming; Foundations and Contributions; Feminist and Non-Feminist Theories of the Policy Process; Representation; Methodology; Elite Interviews; Online Survey; Qualitative Comparative Analysis; Constructing a Database from the Research Network on Gender, Politics, and the State (RNGS) DataPlan of Book2 Conceptualizing Gender Expertise: Locating the Expertise in Gender Expertise; Context Guideline; Expertise in Non-Feminist Literature; Expertise in Feminist Literature; Naming Guideline; Zones Guideline; Ubiquitous Knowledge; Specialist Knowledge; Dimensions Guideline; Knowledge; Expertise; Gender Knowledge; Feminist Knowledge; Necessity Guideline; Negation Guideline; Interdependence Guideline; Causal Relationships Guideline; Traveling Guideline; Operationalization Guideline; Conclusion; 3 Locating the Experts: Identifying the Actors, Mapping the TerrainMultiple Streams Theory and ExpertiseSocial Construction Theory; Social Construction Theory and Expertise; Epistemic Communities; Non-Feminist Policy Literature and Factors Impacting Success; Feminist Comparative Policy Literature and Ingredients for Success; Triangle of Empowerment; Triangle of Empowerment and Expertise; Velvet Triangle; Velvet Triangle and Expertise; Women's Movements and Countermovements; Women's Policy Agencies; Left Support; Gender Mainstreaming; High-Level Support; International Support; Feminist International Relations; Methodology; Thematic Network Analysis; Results6 Assessing the Factors that Impact the Success of Gender Experts in Public Policy: The Search for Necessity

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