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Castoriadis and Critical Theory, Crisis, Critique and Radical Alternatives, by Christos Memos

Castoriadis and Critical Theory, Crisis, Critique and Radical Alternatives, by Christos Memos
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Includes bibliographical references and index
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non fiction
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Castoriadis and Critical Theory
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by Christos Memos
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Crisis, Critique and Radical Alternatives
By exploring the concepts of 'crisis' and 'critique', this study offers a thought-provoking re-examination of the political and social thought of Cornelius Castoriadis in light of the current world crisis and with regard to his radical critique of both the traditional Left and contemporary capitalist societies
Table Of Contents
Cover; Contents; Acknowledgements; Introduction: Reading Castoriadis Politically; 1 Origins: Early Years in Greece, Migration and Life in France; 1.1 Formative years and the historicopolitical setting in Greece; 1.2 Cultural milieu and intellectual influences; 1.3 The peculiarity of Castoriadis' migration; 1.4 Castoriadis in France; 2 The Critique of Totalitarianism; 2.1 Castoriadis, Lefort and the questioning of Trotsky; 2.2 An exchange of letters between Castoriadis and Pannekoek; 2.3 'Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR: Four Letters, Four Lies'; 2.4 Keeping the question open3 Subversive Praxis, Open Crisis and Critique3.1 Castoriadis, Arendt and the Hungarian Uprising of 1956; 3.2 Castoriadis and the crisis of Marxism debate; 3.3 Louis Althusser: 'At Last the Crisis of Marxism has Exploded!'; 3.4 Castoriadis versus Althusser; 4 Marx in Question; 4.1 Castoriadis, Axelos and Papaioannou: Distinctiveness and the common basis of their critique of Marx; 4.2 Castoriadis and Marx; 4.3 The limits of Castoriadis' critique; 4.4 Freeing or freezing Marx?; 5 The Crisis of Modern Societies and the Revival of Emancipatory Politics; 5.1 Castoriadis and the crisis of May 19685.2 Crisis, reification and class struggle5.3 Crisis and the odyssey of the project of autonomy; 5.4 Towards a radical social transformation: Socialism, autonomy and revolution; Conclusions; Notes; Bibliography; Index