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Civil-military cooperation in international interventions, the role of soldiers

Civil-military cooperation in international interventions, the role of soldiers
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non fiction
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Civil-military cooperation in international interventions
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Cass Military Studies
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the role of soldiers
"This book investigates the challenges related to civil-military cooperation (CIMIC) and offers a new perspective by examining the social role of NATO CIMIC soldiers. The intertwining of the civilian and military spheres has become a significant part of the contemporary security environment. However, the relationship between the military and civilian actors is often troubled, filled with misunderstandings and rivalry. In their duty to provide a link between the military and diverse civilian environment, soldiers involved in CIMIC are exposed to varied, often-conflicted expectations that make up their social role and put stress on their performance and the effectiveness of CIMIC. By drawing on analysis of NATO CIMIC documents and a series of interviews with CIMIC soldiers, the author is able to, first, identify the elements of the CIMIC role and, second, diagnose the inherent role conflict and describe methods of dealing with it. Looking at civil-military cooperation through this lens reveals new layers of challenges that impact its effectiveness and a better way to understand the complexity of civil-military interaction. This book will be of much interest to students of military studies, military sociology, peacekeeping, security studies and International Relations, as well as military practitioners"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
The context of CIMIC -- Role, role conflict and effectiveness -- The military role and identity -- CIMIC role expectations -- Role conflict in CIMIC -- Conclusions and final remarks
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