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Gender and difference in the arts therapies, inscribed on the body, edited by Susan Hogan

Gender and difference in the arts therapies, inscribed on the body, edited by Susan Hogan
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Gender and difference in the arts therapies
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edited by Susan Hogan
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inscribed on the body
Gender and Difference in the Arts Therapies: Inscribed on the Body offers worldwide perspectives on gender in arts therapies practice and provides understandings of gender and arts therapies in a variety of global contexts. Bringing together leading researchers and lesser-known voices, it contains an eclectic mix of viewpoints, and includes detailed case studies of arts therapies practice in an array of social settings and with different populations. In addition to themes of gender identification, body politics and gender fluidity, this title discusses gender and arts therapies across the life-course, encompassing in its scope, art, music, dance and dramatic play therapy. Gender and Difference in the Arts Therapies demonstrates clinical applications of the arts therapies in relation to gender, along with ideas about best practice. It will be of great interest to academics and practitioners in the field of arts therapies globally
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Cover; Half Title; Title; Copyright; Contents; Dedication; About the editor; Notes on contributors; Foreword; 1 Introduction: inscribed on the body: gender and difference in the arts therapies; 2 Feminism as practice: crafting and the politics of art therapy; 3 Under the skin: barriers and opportunities for dance movement therapy and art psychotherapy with LGBT+ clients; 4 Breaking and entering: wounded masculinity and sexual offending; 5 Body politics and performance of gender in music therapy6 Mask and gender: from concealment to revelation, from pain to relief. Arts therapies with masks. A journey through art therapy7 Mediating the cultural boundaries: the rise of Lion Rock Spirit in Hong Kong women; 8 Gender differences expressed in costuming and dramatic play: Warrior Cat boy; 9 On being a male dramatherapist; 10 The perilous house; 11 Gender fluidity through Dance Movement Therapy; 12 Gender research in Dance Movement Therapy; 13 Art therapy and motherhood as a rite of passage14 Gender identity, sexual identity and sexual orientation in a drama-therapeutic context: an attachment perspective15 Dismantling the gender binary in elder care: creativity instead of craft; 16 Beyond masculine and feminine: responding to real expressions of gender identity and the effect on our own gender identity in psychotherapy practice; 17 Beyond the binaries: negotiating gender and sex in music therapy; Index
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