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Indian foreign policy, an overview, Harsh V. Pant

Indian foreign policy, an overview, Harsh V. Pant
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Indian foreign policy
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Harsh V. Pant
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an overview
As India has risen economically and militarily in recent years, its political influence on the global stage has also seen a commensurate increase. From the peripheries of international affairs, India is now at the centre of major power politics. It is viewed as a major balancer in the Asia-Pacific, a democracy that can be a key ally of the West in countering China, even as India continues to challenge the West on a range of issues. This book provides an overview of Indian foreign policy as it has evolved in recent times, it focuses on the twenty-first century and provides historical context for the issues examined. It analyses and discusses India's relationships with both major global powers; the US, China, Russia and the EU, and its neighbouring countries; Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. India's policies regarding regions such as East Asia, Central Asia and the Middle East are also considered along with India's role in key global issues such as international and regional organizations, nuclear proliferation, democracy, climate change and trade. With a gradual accretion in its powers, India has become more aggressive in the pursuit of its interests, thereby emerging as an important player in the shaping of the global order in the new millennium
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Introduction. Snapshot 1 : Indian foreign and security policy-making structures -- Part I. India and major powers. India and the United States : an emerging partnership -- India and China : an uneasy relationship -- India and Russia : convergence across time -- India and the European Union : a relationship in search of meaning -- Snapshot 2 : the BRICS fallacy -- Part II. India and its neighborhood. India and Pakistan : a road to nowhere -- India and Bangladesh : a difficult partnership -- Nepal and Sri Lanka : India struggles to retain its relevance -- India and Afghanistan : a test case for a rising power -- Snapshot 3 : India and Bhutan -- Part III. India's extra-regional outreach. India in East and Southeast Asia : "acting" East with an eye on China -- India in Africa and Central Asia : part of the new "Great Game" -- India and the Middle East : a fine balance -- India in the Indian Ocean : colliding ambitions with China -- Snapshot 4 : India and Latin America -- Part IV. India and the global order. India as a regional security provider : from activism to forced diffidence -- India and the global nuclear order : a quiet assimilation -- India and multilateralism : from the periphery to the center -- Snapshot 5 : India's tryst with terrorism
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