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Big steel, technology, trade, and survival in a global market, Daniel Madar

Big steel, technology, trade, and survival in a global market, Daniel Madar
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Big steel
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Daniel Madar
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technology, trade, and survival in a global market
Big Steel explores how the integrated steel industry is adapting to trade and international competition. These arise from the industry's diffusion beyond its historical core in North America and Europe. To show this occurred, Big Steel applies Paul Krugman's Nobel Prize winning explanation of industrial location and trade. The industry's technology and economic structure and the pricing strategies available, produce fateful competition and incentives to consolidate internationally. Examining the industry's survival options, including close cooperation with its primary customers, the automakers, this book anticipates a cosmopolitan future. It is a straight forward account of a complicated process, the development of a new phase in the global steel business, that will appeal to scholars and policy makers interested in trade, competition, globalization, and industrial policy--provided by publisher
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1. Introduction -- 2. A Tough Industry -- 3. Prices, Preferences, and Strategy -- 4. Trading Steel -- 5. Survival -- 6. Steel in a Global Perspective
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