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Community Livability, Issues and Approaches to Sustaining the Well-Being of People and Communities

Community Livability, Issues and Approaches to Sustaining the Well-Being of People and Communities
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Community Livability
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Issues and Approaches to Sustaining the Well-Being of People and Communities
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Cover -- Half Title -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Dedication -- Table of Contents -- List of Figures and Tables -- Notes on Contributors -- Foreword -- Part I: Understanding of Livability -- 1 Montrealism or Montréalité? Understanding Montreal's Unique Brand of Livability -- Quality of Life and Living Standards -- The Role of Climate and Its Influence on Livability -- Montreal's Economic Environment -- The Social Economy as a Factor of Livability -- Montreal's Uniquely Convivial Built Environment -- Green Spaces and Parks as Factors of Livability -- Mobility Patterns and Their Contribution to Livability -- Information Technology and Smart City Systems -- Conclusion: Montréalité as a Way of Life -- Notes -- References -- 2 Most Livable Pittsburgh -- Notes -- References -- 3 Livable Stockholm -- Introduction -- Global Rankings -- Livability and Beyond: Housing Issues -- Increased Focus on Coordination and Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration -- Sustainable Urban Development in Sweden: Environmental to Social Focus -- Post-War Era Planning and Urban Development -- The Post-Modern Reaction -- Planning and Urban Development in the New Millennium -- Sustainable Livable Communities I: Hammarby Sjöstad (Hammarby Waterfront) -- The Walkable City, Strategic City Plan (2010) -- Sustainable Livable Communities II: Norra Djurgårdsstaden (Stockholm Royal Seaport) -- Vision 2030 -- Recent Urban Planning: Increased Focus on Social Sustainability -- Vision 2040 -- Conclusions -- References -- 4 Livable Seoul: Village Community Building -- Introduction -- Background -- Livability for Seoul Urbanites -- Policy Rationale: Social Interaction through Third Places -- Policy Overview: Village Community Building -- Discussion -- References -- 5 The Livable City in the Context of Depopulation in Japan -- Two Different Characteristics of Japanese CitiesInfluence of Aging and Depopulation -- Depopulation in Megacities -- Livability for Depopulating Megacities -- Struggle for a Livable City in a Shrinking Megacity -- Phenomenon Caused by Depopulation -- Maintaining Livability by Reducing Urban Facilities for the Future -- Summary -- References -- Part II: Urban and Regional Planning Issues -- 6 How Asheville, North Carolina, Has Leveraged Livability as an Urban Development Strategy -- Mountain Air as Nineteenth-Century Livability Amenity -- Livability as a Planning Goal -- A Livable Downtown for Residents and Tourists -- Equity in the Livable City -- Conclusion -- References -- 7 The Transformation of Seattle -- The Old Seattle-the first 100 years -- The New Seattle -- Mistake #1: The Seattle Commons -- Mistake #2: The Monorail Fiasco -- The Next Seattle -- 8 Toronto: A Livable City/Region -- Introduction -- Historical Perspective -- Three Key Components of Successful Urban Areas -- Livable City: Rankings and Evaluations -- Key Themes for Livable Cities -- Responses to Toronto as a Livable City -- Areas Requiring Improvement -- Conclusion -- Acknowledgments -- References -- 9 Vienna-Keeping It Livable: How Urban Planning Instruments Contribute to a City's Quality of Life -- Vienna's Status Quo -- Vienna's Own Measures and Statistics -- Vienna's Strategies and Goals -- Vienna's Way to Stay Livable by Urban Planning -- References -- Part III: Issues of Poverty, Equity, and the Environment -- 10 Transit Expansion and the Pursuit of Equity in Development and Growth in Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota -- Equity and Livability in the Twin Cities -- Livability, Equity, and Transit -- Planning and Delivering Equitable Transit-Oriented Development -- Corridors of Opportunity -- Community Engagement -- Equitable Transit Development -- Conclusion11 Post-Disaster Amenity Politics: Livability, Gentrification, and Recovery in Post-Katrina New Orleans -- Introduction -- Livability: Meanings and Tensions -- Livability Gentrification Conflict in Practice: Bicycles in the City -- Conceptualizing Livability and Post-Disaster Planning -- Methods and Data -- The Lafitte Greenway: Moving from Disaster to Recovery to Displacement? -- Plan Analysis -- Digging Deeper: Livability Planning in Post-Disaster Setting -- Conclusion -- Notes -- References -- 12 Las Lomas Colonia in Texas: A Livable Community? -- Introduction -- What are Colonias? -- Livability, Empowerment Framework -- Las Lomas: Contract for Deed and Beyond -- Self-help: Colonias Unidas -- Nuestra Casa: Our Home -- Colonia Entrepreneurship -- Livability in Las Lomas: A Discussion -- References -- 13 Lima: A Livable City -- Introduction -- Livable Cities -- Lima City -- Environmental Problems of Lima City -- Free Spaces of Lima City -- Proposal -- References -- 14 First We Had to Make It Livable: The Affordances of Livability in Suburban Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia -- Introduction -- Livability: A Shopping List to Make an Apple Pie or a Set of Practices of Becoming Lively? -- Introducing the Case Studies: Charlestown and Huntlee -- Practices of Livability 1: The Affordances of Affordability for Homemaking -- Practices of Livability 2: Accessing the Livable City in the Neighborhood -- Practices of Livability 3: Accessing the Livable City Elsewhere and the Benefits of Being Far Enough Away -- Conclusion: Livability and the Suburbs in Australia -- Notes -- References -- Index
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