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Costa Rica, 2012 article IV consultation, International Monetary Fund

Costa Rica, 2012 article IV consultation, International Monetary Fund
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Costa Rica
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Responsibility statement
International Monetary Fund
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IMF country report, 13/79
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2012 article IV consultation
Costa Rica: 2012 Article IV Consultation
Table Of Contents
Cover; CONTENTS; OVERVIEW; RECENT ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENTS AND OUTLOOK; A. Recent Developments; BOXES; 1. External Stability Assessment; 2. Financial Conditions; 3. Cross-Border Spillovers; B. Macroeconomic Outlook and Risks; POLICY DISCUSSIONS; A. Near-term Policy Mix; B. Safeguarding Fiscal Sustainability; C. Upgrading the Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy Framework; D. Financial Stability; E. Structural Reforms; STAFF APPRAISAL; FIGURES; 1. Growth & Inflation; 2. External Sector; 3. Fiscal Developments; 4. Money and Credit; TABLES; 1. Selected Social and Economic Indicators2. Balance of Payments3. Central Government Balance; 4. Summary Operations of the Central Government, GFSM 2001 Classification; 5. Consolidated Public Sector Operations; 6. Summary Operations of the Consolidated Public Sector, GFSM 2001 Classification; 7. Public Sector Debt; 8. Monetary Survey; 9. Medium-Term Framework; 10. Banking Sector Indicators; 11. Medium-Term Framework Under Fiscal Consolidation Scenario; 12. Central Government Debt Sustainability Framework, 2010-2018; 5. Central Government Debt Sustainability: Bound Tests13. Consolidated Public Sector Debt SustainabilityFramework, 2010-20186. Public Debt Sustainability: Bound Tests; 14. Consolidated Public Sector Debt Sustainability Framework (Under Fiscal Consolidation Scenario), 2010-2018; 15. External Debt Sustainability Framework, 2010-2018; 7. External Debt Sustainability: Bound Tests; CONTENTS; FUND RELATIONS; PAST FUND STAFF RECOMMENDATIONS AND IMPLEMENTATION; RELATIONS WITH THE WORLD BANK AND BANK-FUND COLLABORATION UNDER THE JOINT MANAGEMENT ACTION PLAN (JMAP); RELATIONS WITH THE INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK; STATISTICAL ISSUES