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Stolen cars, a journey through São Paulo's urban conflict, edited by Gabriel Feltran

Stolen cars, a journey through São Paulo's urban conflict, edited by Gabriel Feltran
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non fiction
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Stolen cars
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edited by Gabriel Feltran
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IJURR Studies in Urban and Social Change Book
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a journey through São Paulo's urban conflict
Table Of Contents
Intro -- STOLEN CARS -- Contents -- Notes on Contributors -- Series Editors' Preface -- Introduction -- A Phone Call -- A Global Market -- Theoretical Framework: Normative Regimes -- Inequalities -- Methods: About Journeys, Tacking, and Our Collaborative Research Team -- A Collective Research Team -- Ethical Issues, Diversity, and Typical Days -- Chapter Structure -- 1 Crime, Violence, and Inequality in São Paulo -- 7 a.m. (Fiat Strada) -- 10:00 a.m. (Hyundai HB20) -- 5:15 p.m. (Fiat Palio) -- 8:40 p.m. (Ford Ka) -- Urban Violence and Market Regulation -- 2 State Reaction -- Police Use of Lethal Force -- Imprisonment -- The "Clearing of Public Roads" -- Political Legitimation -- 3 Designing the Market -- Insurance as a Mediator -- The Automobile Business: From the Streets of São Paulo to the Panama Papers -- 4 Auctions and Mechanisms -- Central Circuits: Insurance Companies that Sell at Auctions -- Some Numbers -- Marginal Circuits: Car Dealerships and Chop-shops that Buy at Auctions -- Auctioneers: Economics and Politics -- 5 Dismantling a Stolen Car -- Family, Market, Politics -- Between Extremes: From "Recicla" to "Sheds" -- Prices and Stratification -- 6 Regulating an Illegal Market -- A Brief Chronology of the Dismantling Law -- Old Practices, New "Political Merchandise": The Everyday Experience of the Dismantling Law -- The Political Centrality of Police Officers -- Police Regulation and Violence -- 7 Not Criminals, Legislators -- New Laws, New Markets -- Illegal Markets, Microfinance, Corporate Philanthropy -- Action and Reaction -- Parallel Insurance and the Protection Market -- The Law that Governs the Market, the Market that Governs the Law -- 8 Globalization and Its Backroads -- A Global Market and Its Margins -- Connecting Markets -- Urban Reconfigurations -- North-South Urban Inequalities -- ConclusionsAfterword: Following Cars in a Latin American Metropolis: Inequality, Illegalisms, and Formalization -- References -- Index
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