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Routledge handbook of medical law and ethics, edited by Yann Joly and Bartha Maria Knoppers

Routledge handbook of medical law and ethics, edited by Yann Joly and Bartha Maria Knoppers
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Routledge handbook of medical law and ethics
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edited by Yann Joly and Bartha Maria Knoppers
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"Increasingly globalization has meant that decisions made regarding medical care and health in one country may influence health and disease outcomes in other parts of the world. Recognizing that medical law should not be confined to national silos this handbook approaches medical law and ethics from a global perspective. Whilst respecting and analyzing national developments the chapters take a concerted international approach, looking comparatively at developments within each area. The book brings together leading scholars from both medical law and ethics backgrounds who have contributed specially commissioned pieces in order to present a critical overview and analysis of the current state of the field. The Handbook offers comprehensive coverage of longstanding and traditional topics in medical law and ethics, as well as providing dynamic insights into contemporary and emerging issues in this heavily debated field. Topics covered include: "Human-animal" medicine and medical research Public Health Access to resources and medicines Traditional, complementary and alternative medicines Regenerative Medicine This advanced level reference work will prove invaluable to scholars, students and researchers in the disciplines of law, medicine, dentistry, nursing, ethics and theology "--, Provided by publisher
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Cover; Title Page; Copyright Page; Table of Contents; Contributors; Acknowledgements; 1 Introduction; PART I Rights of persons; 2 Bioethics, health law, and human rights; 3 Informed consent; 4 Privacy and confidentiality; 5 Children; 6 Disability; 7 Mental health; 8 End of life; PART II Professional relationships; 9 Regulating professional practice; 10 Health professionals and the organization of healthcare: current trends; 11 Healthcare-associated infections; 12 Liability and the legal duty to inform in research; PART III Medical interventions and emerging technologies13 Emerging legal and ethical issues in reproductive technologies14 Regenerative medicine: socio-ethical challenges and regulatory approaches; 15 E-health; 16 Promotion and sales of self-tests on the Internet; PART IV From bench to bedside; 17 Medical research: future directions in the genome era; 18 The ethical and legal duties of physicians in clinical genetics and genomics; 19 Towards precision medicine: the legal and ethical challenges of pharmacogenomics; PART V Public health and international health trends; 20 Public health: current and emergent legal and ethical issues in a nutshell21 The role of international organizations in promoting legal norms22 The law and ethics of access to medicines in developing countries; 23 Traditional, complementary, and alternative medicine; 24 The domestication of stem cell tourism; Index
Handbook of medical law and ethics
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