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Refugee externalisation policies, responsibility, legitimacy and accountability, Azadeh Dastyari, Amy Nethery and Asher Hirsch, editors

Refugee externalisation policies, responsibility, legitimacy and accountability, Azadeh Dastyari, Amy Nethery and Asher Hirsch, editors
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non fiction
Main title
Refugee externalisation policies
Nature of contents
Responsibility statement
Azadeh Dastyari, Amy Nethery and Asher Hirsch, editors
Series statement
Routledge series on global order studies
Sub title
responsibility, legitimacy and accountability
"This book examines the impact and effects of refugee externalisation policies in two regions: Australia's border control practices in Southeast Asia and the Pacific and the activities of the European Union and its member states in North Africa. The book assesses the underlying motivations, processes, policy frameworks, and human rights violations of refugee externalisation practices. Case studies illuminate the funding, institutional partnerships, geopolitical impacts, financial costs, and the human price of refugee externalisation. It provides the first truly comparative analysis of asylum externalisation and explores maritime interdiction, extraterritorial process, containment and third-country interception, and communication campaigns in Southeast Asia and the Middle East/North Africa. This book will be of key interest to scholars and students of refugee and asylum studies, law, politics, and the arts, legal practitioners, non-government organisations, and policymakers grappling with the issues of detention, refugee externalisation practices, and the growing need to find safety for the world's most vulnerable"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Examining the refugee externalisation policies : a comparative study of Europe and Australia / Amy Nethery, Azadeh Dastyari and Asher Hirsch -- The cat and mouse game of refugee externalisation policies : between law and politics / Sandra Lavenex -- The externalisation of refugee policies : the politics of distancing / Philomena Murray -- Australia's boat push-back policy : hyper-legalism and obfuscation in action / Daniel Ghezelbash -- Interdiction in the Mediterranean Sea / Maria-Louiza Deftou, Dimitra Papageorgiou and Efthymios Papastavridis -- Active neglect and the externalisation of responsibility for refugee protection / Claire Loughnan -- Beyond Europe's borders : containment and deterrence across the Mediterranean Sea / Cetta Mainwaring -- Floodgate politics : Europe's externalisation policies and Turkey's response / Sibel Karadag -- Externalised immobilisation strategies : from detaining to containing refugees in Indonesia / Antje Missbach -- Awareness campaigns to deter migrants : a neoliberal industry for symbolic bordering / Valentina Cappi and Pierluigi Musarò -- #LetThemStay : evaluating communications factors that contributed to asylum policy reform in Australia / Nikki Sullings -- Refugee externalisation policies : what we have learnt and where are we going? / Amy Nethery and Azadeh Dastyari
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