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Colombia :, Financial System Stability Assessment

Colombia :, Financial System Stability Assessment
In this paper, the structure of Colombia’s financial sector is analyzed and various risks of the financial sector are studied. Supervision of the financial system can be performed by supervisory architecture, banking supervision, various securities, and insurance policies. Systemic liquidity provision, deposit insurance, and bank resolution form the financial safety net. Finally, financial stability and macroprudential framework have been discussed. Macroprudential tools and policies are also explained in detail
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Colombia :
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IMF Staff Country Reports
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Financial System Stability Assessment
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Cover; Contents; Acronyms; Executive Summary; Tables; 1. Financial Sector Assessment Program Key Recommendations; I. Colombia's Financial Sector; A. Overview; Figures; 1. Structure of Colombia's Financial System; 2. Financial Soundness Indicators; B. Key Macro-Financial Risks for Banking System; 3. Private Sector Exposure to Foreign Financing; 4. Credit Growth and Credit Composition; 5. Indices of Prices of Equities and Existing Houses; II. Supervision of the Financial System; A. Supervisory Architecture; B. Banking Supervision; C. Securities; D. Insurance; III. Financial Safety NetA. Systemic Liquidity ProvisionB. Deposit Insurance; C. Bank Resolution; IV. Financial Stability and Macroprudential Framework; A. Institutional Arrangements; B. Macroprudential Tools and Policies; 2. Financial System Structure; 3. Selected Economic and Financial Indicators; Appendices; I. Risk Assessment Matrix; II. Stress Test Matrix for Solvency Risk; III. Stress Test Matrix for Liquidity Risk; Annexes; I. Basel Core Principles-Summary Assessment; 4. Summary Compliance with the Basel Core Principles-Detailed Assessments5. Recommended Action Plan to Improve Compliance with the Basel Core PrinciplesII. IOSCO Principles-Summary Assessment; 6. Summary Implementation of the IOSCO Principles; III. Insurance Core Principles (ICPs)-Summary Assessment; 7. Summary of Observance of the Insurance Core Principles; 8. Recommendations to Improve Observance of ICPs
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