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What the world believes, analysis and commentary on the Religion Monitor 2008, Bertelsmann-Stiftung (ed.) ; [editor, Martin Rieger]

What the world believes, analysis and commentary on the Religion Monitor 2008, Bertelsmann-Stiftung (ed.) ; [editor, Martin Rieger]
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What the world believes
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Bertelsmann-Stiftung (ed.) ; [editor, Martin Rieger]
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analysis and commentary on the Religion Monitor 2008
Table Of Contents
Preface / Liz Mohn -- Secularization, privatization or resacralization? / Martin Rieger -- Religion Monitor 2008 : structuring principles, operational constructs, interpretive strategies / Stefan Huber -- The religious field between globalization and regionalization : comparative perspectives / Stefan Huber, Volkhard Krech -- The churches in western Germany : an asymmetrical religious pluralism / Karl Gabriel -- The state of religion and religiosity in eastern Europe : social-scientific and theological interpretations / Matthias Petzoldt -- The stable third : non-religiosity in Germany / Monika Wohlrab-Sahr -- Religious communication : the consequences of a qualitative study for the sociology of religion / Armin Nassehi -- Tradition or charisma? Religiosity in Poland / Beata Zaraycka -- Spanish religiosity : an interpretative reading of the Religion Monitor results for Spain / José Casanova -- "Fourteen kilometers from Europe" : Islam and globalization in Morocco / Sonja Hegasy -- The omnipresence of the religious : religiosity in Nigeria / Klaus Hock -- On the contemporary development of religion(s) in India / Michael von Brück -- The religious situation in the United States / Hans Joas -- Spiritual dynamics? A comparison of Germany, Austria and Switzerland / Paul M. Zulehner -- Religiosity in "Laicist" states in Europe : France and Turkey / Matthias Koenig -- Churchliness, religiosity and spirituality : western and eastern European societies in times of religious diversity / Olaf Müller, Detlef Pollack -- Vanities of religious commitment in Great Britain and Australia / David Voas -- The experience of divine presence : religious culture in Brazil, the Unites States and western Europe / Franz Höllinger -- Latin America : the dynamics of the religious field / Heinrich Schäfer -- The religiosity profile of European Catholicism / Alfred Dubach -- Religiosity with a Protestant profile / Petra-Angela Ahrens, Claudia Schulz, Gerhard Wegner -- The Pentecostal movement : social transformation and religious habits / Heinrich Shäfer -- What do Muslims believe? / Peter Heine, Riem Spielhaus -- Religiosity and spirituality among young adults / Anton A. Bucher -- The older the more devout? Religiosity in the twilight years / Michael N. Ebertz -- On opening the black box : religious determinants of the political relevance of religiosity / Stefan Huber -- Secularization or the revival of religion? Worldviews in 22 societies : findings and suggestions of a cross-sectional survey / Heiner Meulemann -- Popular spirituality, or : where is Hape Kerkeling? / Hubert Knoblauch, Andreas Graff