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Sustainable wellbeing futures, a research and action agenda for ecological economics, edited by Robert Costanza [and three others]

Sustainable wellbeing futures, a research and action agenda for ecological economics, edited by Robert Costanza [and three others]
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Sustainable wellbeing futures
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edited by Robert Costanza [and three others]
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a research and action agenda for ecological economics
"Climate disruption, overpopulation, biodiversity loss, the threats of financial collapse, large-scale damage to our natural and social environments and eroding democracy are all becoming critically important concerns. The editors of this timely book assert that these problems are not separate, but all stem from our overreliance on an out-dated approach to economics that puts growth of production and consumption above all else. Ecological economics can help create the future that most people want - a future that is prosperous, just, equitable and sustainable. This forward-thinking book lays out an alternative approach that places the sustainable wellbeing of humans and the rest of nature as the overarching goal. Each of the book's chapters, written by a diverse collection of scholars and practitioners, outlines a research and action agenda for how this future can look and possible actions for its realization. Sustainable Wellbeing Futures will be of value to academics and students researching environmental and ecological economics, as well as individuals interested in gaining a greater understanding of the concept of a wellbeing future and how we might act to achieve it"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Contents: Foreword by Jacqueline Mcglade -- Preface -- In memoriam: Eric Zencey 1953-2019 -- 1. Introduction: what is ecological economics and why do we need it now more than ever / Robert Costanza, Jon D. Erickson, Joshua Farley, and Ida Kubiszewski -- Part I: The future we want -- 2. Creating positive futures for humanity on earth / Robert Costanza, Elizabeth M. B. Doran, Tatiana Gladkikh, Ida Kubiszewski, Valerie A. Luzadis, and Eric Zencey -- 3. Work, labour, and regenerative production / Kaitlin Kish and Stephen Quilley -- 4. The role of technology in achieving the future we want / Stewart Wallis, Lindsay Barbieri, Alice Damiano, and Matthew Burke -- 5. Ecological economics in China: from origins, to inertia, to rejuvenation / Xi Ji -- 6. Taking evolution seriously: the role of ecological economics in escaping the anthropocene and reaching for the ecozoic / Peter G. Brown and John Gowdy -- Part II: Measuring and achieving wellbeing -- 7. Frameworks and systems thinking for measuring and achieving sustainable wellbeing / Elizabeth M. B. Doran, Lindsay Barbieri, Ida Kubiszewski, Kate Pickett, Thomas Dietz, Michael Abrams, Richard Wilkinson, Robert Costanza, Stephen C. Farber, and Jeannine Valcour -- 8. How ecosystem services research can advance ecological economics principles / Rachelle K. Gould, Taylor H. Ricketts, Richard B. Howarth, Svenja Telle, Tatiana Gladkikh, Stephen Posner, Jesse Gourevitch, and Yuki Yoshida -- 9. Wellbeing in the more-than-human world / Kristian Brevik, John Adams, Benjamin Dube, Lindsay Barbieri, and Gabriel Yahya Haage -- 10. From measurement to application: wellbeing indicators in socio-ecological systems / Kati Gallagher, Michael Moser, Mairi-Jane V. Fox, and Jane Kolodinsky -- 11. The struggle for equality and sustainability / Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett -- 12. Human health and ecological economics / Martin Hensher -- Part III: The institutions we require -- 13. Cultural evolution, multi-level selection, and institutions for cooperation / Joshua Farley, John Gowdy, and Stephen Marshall -- 14. Moral and ethical foundations for ecological economics / Dan Spethmann and Valerie A. Luzadis -- 15. Governing for sustainable development: rethinking governance and ecological economics / Christopher Koliba, Megan Egler, and Stephen Posner -- 16. Money, interest rates and accumulation on a finite planet: revisiting the 'monetary growth imperative' through institutionalist approaches / Romain Svartzman, Joseph Ament, David Barmes, Jon D. Erickson, Joshua Farley, Charles Guay-Boutet, and Nicolas Kosoy -- 17. The nature and role of business in an ecological economy / Mairi-Jane V. Fox, Abigail B. Schneider, Marilyn T. Lucas, and Beth Schaefer Caniglia -- 18. Principles of stakeholder engagement for ecological economics / Madhavi Venkatesan, Jon D. Erickson, and Christine Carmichael -- Part IV: Integrated, dynamic analysis and modelling of socio-ecological systems -- 19. Integrated ecological economic modeling: what is it good for? / Alexey Voinov, Pascal Perez, Juan Carlos Castilla-Rho, and Daniel C. Kenny -- 20. Designing participatory decision support systems: towards meta-decision making analytics in the next generation of ecological economics / Asim Zia and Roel Boumans -- 21. A research agenda for ecological macroeconomics / Peter A. Victor and Tim Jackson -- Part V: Making the transition -- 22. Local economies: leading the way to an ecological economy / Sabine O'Hara and Daniel Baker -- 23. Systemic design and systemic crisis in the United States: the pluralist commonwealth / Gar Alperovitz and Joseph Ament -- 24. Creating a wellbeing economy alliance (weall) to motivate and facilitate the transition / Robert Costanza, Lorenzo Fioramonti, Ida Kubiszewski, Deborah Markowitz, Christopher Orr, Katherine Trebeck, and Stewart Wallis -- Part VI: Surveys of the larger community about the research agenda -- 25. Ecological economic goals from emerging scholars / Kaitlin Kish and Sam Bliss -- 26. Assessing ecological economics at 30: results from a survey of isee members / Benjamin Dube -- Index
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