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Routledge handbook of Latin America in the world, edited by Jorge I. Domínguez and Ana Covarrubias

Routledge handbook of Latin America in the world, edited by Jorge I. Domínguez and Ana Covarrubias
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Routledge handbook of Latin America in the world
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edited by Jorge I. Domínguez and Ana Covarrubias
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Routledge international handbooks
This book explains how the Latin American countries have both reacted and contributed to changing international dynamics over the last 30 years. It provides a comprehensive picture of Latin America’s global engagement by looking at specific processes and issues that link governments and other actors, social and economic, within the region and beyond. Leading scholars offer an up-to-date state of the field, theoretically and empirically, thus avoiding a narrow descriptive approach. The Handbook includes a section on theoretical approaches that analyze Latin America’s place in the international political and economic system and its foreign policy making. Other sections focus on the main countries, actors, and issues in Latin America’s international relations. In so doing, the book sheds light on the complexity of the international relations of selected countries, and on their efforts to act multilaterally
Table Of Contents
Introduction : Latin America in world politics / Ana Covarrubias and Jorge I. Domínguez -- A transformed Latin America in a rapidly changing world / Abraham F. Lowenthal and Hannah M. Baron -- Realism in the periphery / Carlos Escudé -- Grand strategy / Roberto Russell and Juan Gabriel Tokatlian -- Autonomy and Latin American international relations thinking / Arlene B. Tickner -- The dynamics of asymmetrical development : Latin America in the global economy / Nicola Phillips -- Liberalism, constructivism, and Latin American politics since the 1990s / Arturo Santa-Cruz -- Presidentialist decision making in Latin American foreign policy : examples from regional integration decisions / Andrés Malamud -- Argentina's foreign policy / Roberto Russell and Juan Gabriel Tokatlian -- Re-thinking global and domestic challenges in Brazilian foreign policy / Monica Hirst and Maria Regina Soares de Lima -- Venezuela's foreign policy, 1920s-2010s / Javier Corrales and Carlos A. Romero -- Decision making in Mexican foreign policy / Rafael Fernández de Castro -- Cuba's external projection : the interplay between international relations theory and foreign policy analysis / Carlos Alzugaray -- The United States and Latin America / Mark Eric Williams -- Shaping Chinese engagement in Latin America / Margaret Myers -- Latin America's relations with Europe : a stable but limited and fragmented partnership / Susanne Gratius -- Japan's relations with Latin America and the Caribbean : broad changes under globalization / Kanako Yamaoka -- Trade and economic integration / Antoni Estevadeordal, Paolo Giordano, and Barbara Ramos -- North America / Robert A. Pastor -- Turning inward : ruling coalitions and Mercosur's retrenchment / Joshua Malnight and Etel Solingen -- Regional multilateralism in Latin America : UNASUR, ALBA, and CELAC / Natalia Saltalamacchia Ziccardi -- The Organization of American States and effective multilateralism / Thomas Legler -- The Inter-American Court of Human Rights : its decisive impact on Latin American Rights / Diego García-Sayán -- Latin America and the idea of international human rights / Kathryn Sikkink -- The dynamics of nuclear politics : lessons from Latin America / Jacques E.C. Hymans -- The international politics of drugs and illicit trade in the Americas / Peter Andreas and Angelica Duran Martinez -- Latin America in global environmental governance / Kathryn Hochstetler -- Migration in the Americas / Alexandra Délano -- Inter-state security issues in Latin America / David R. Mares -- Business beyond boundaries in Latin America : the power of multilatinas and innovative practices to address growth and social advancement / Gustavo Herrero