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Monitoring border violence in the EU, frontex in focus, edited by Elspeth Guild

Monitoring border violence in the EU, frontex in focus, edited by Elspeth Guild
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Monitoring border violence in the EU
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edited by Elspeth Guild
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Routledge Studies in Liberty and Security Series
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frontex in focus
"This book examines EU external border violence and the role of Frontex, and how it can be made legally and politically accountable for these incidents. The volume sets out what the international standards are for monitoring border violence and how monitors' independence must be guaranteed and where these standards come from. The book provides realistic options to resolve the crisis by focusing on how effective and independent border monitoring can ensure better human rights compliance at EU external borders. At the centre of the book is the question: how can we achieve effective monitoring of border police, including Frontex, by competent and independent state authorities which have as a mission human rights implementation? The goal of the book is to examine how states can prevent and investigate allegations of such violence and diminish the apparent impunity of those border police who engage in it. This book will be of interest to students of EU policy, law, migration and refugee studies, and International Relations"--, Provided by publisher