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The Ashgate research companion to the Thirty Years' War, edited by Olas Asbach and Peter Schroder

The Ashgate research companion to the Thirty Years' War, edited by Olas Asbach and Peter Schroder
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The Ashgate research companion to the Thirty Years' War
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edited by Olas Asbach and Peter Schroder
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Ashgate Research Companions
This Companion is designed to provide scholars and graduate students with a comprehensive and authoritative overview of research on one of the most destructive conflicts in European history. It brings together leading scholars in the field to synthesize the range of existing research on the war, which is still fragmented and divided along national historical lines, and to further explore the complexities of the conflict using an innovative comparative approach
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The Thirty Years' War - An Introduction; Part IThe Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation; 1 Imperial Politics 1555-1618; 2 The Palatinate and its Networks in the Empire and in Europe; Part IIThe Great Powers, Coalitions and Conflicting Interests; 3 The Emperor; 4 The Spanish Monarchy and the Challenges of the Thirty Years' War; 5 Denmark; 6 Sweden; 7 France and the Thirty Years' War; 8 The Papacy; 9 Non-splendid Isolation: The Ottoman Empire and the Thirty Years' War; Part III Different Stages and Theatres of the War; 1618-1629; 1629-163512 The Long War (1635-1648)13 The Dutch-Spanish War in the Low Countries 1621-1648; 14 The Thirty Years' War in Italy 1628-1659; Part IV Religion and Politics; 15 The Peace of 1555 - A Failed Settlement?; 16 The Edict of Restitution (1629) and the Failure of Catholic Restoration; 17 Lutherans, Calvinists and the Road to a Normative Year; 18 The Thirty Years' War - A Religious War? Religion and Machiavellism at the Turning Point of 1635; 19 The Material Conditions of War; 20 The Experience of War; 21Strategy and the Conduct of War; Part V Experience and Praxis of War22The Peace of Prague - A Failed Settlement? 23 The Settlement of 1648 for the German Empire; 24 The Peace of Westphalia: A European Peace; 25 A Peace for the Whole World? Perceptions and Effects of the Peace Treaty of Münster (1648) on the World Outside Europe
Research companion to the Thirty Years' WarThirty Years' War
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