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Industrial productivity in Europe, growth and crisis, edited by Matilde Mas, Robert Stehrer

Industrial productivity in Europe, growth and crisis, edited by Matilde Mas, Robert Stehrer
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Industrial productivity in Europe
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edited by Matilde Mas, Robert Stehrer
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growth and crisis
This book analyzes growth at the total economy and industry level from an international perspective, providing unique cross-country comparisons. The authors focus on the EU-25 countries but also include the US, Japan and Korea. The chapters explore growth patterns from a long-run perspective, although greater attention is paid to the period of expansion from 1995--2007 and the post 2008 period of crisis. Each contribution builds on a common methodology based on a detailed database providing a high degree of disaggregation with respect to the industries and factors accounting for growth. The role played by ICT is expertly emphasized, in particular the different paths followed in the US and the EU
Table Of Contents
Introduction Matilde Mas and Robert Stehrer PART I: OVERVIEW 1. Productivity in the Advanced Countries: From Expansion to Crisis Matilde Mas 2. Information Technology and US Productivity Growth: Evidence from a Prototype Industry Production Account Dale W. Jorgenson, Mun S. Ho and Jon Samuels 3. Europe's Productivity Performance in Comparative Perspective: Trends, Causes and Recent Developments Bart van Ark, Mary O'Mahony and Marcel P. Timmer PART II: COUNTRY CHAPTERS 4. Productivity Transitions in Large Mature Economies: France, Germany and the UK Bernd Gorzig, Martin Gornig, Laurence Nayman and Mary O'Mahony 5. Productivity Performance in Three Small European Countries: Austria, Belgium and the Netherlands Chantal Kegels, Michael Peneder and Henry van der Wiel 6 Spain and Italy: Catching up and Falling Behind -- Two Different Tales of Productivity Slowdown Matilde Mas, Carlo Milana and Lorenzo Serrano 7. Growth in the Nordic Market Economy Hans-Olof Hagen 8 Growth Resurgence, Productivity Catching-up and Labour Demand in Central and East European Countries Peter Havlik, Sebastian Leitner and Robert Stehrer 9. Estimates of Total Factor Productivity, the Contribution of ICT, and Resource Reallocation Effects in Japan and Korea Kyoji Fukao, Tsutomu Miyagawa, Hak Kil Pyo and Keun Hee Rhee PART III: SPECIFIC TOPICS 10. Rates of Return and Alternative Measures of Capital Input: 14 Countries and 10 Branches, 1971 -- 2005 Nicholas Oulton and Ana Rincon-Aznar 11. Productivity Convergence Across Industries and Countries: The Importance of Theory-based Measurement Robert Inklaar and Marcel P. Timmer 12. Skills and the Competitiveness of EU Manufacturing Industries Michael Landesmann and Robert Stehrer 13. Effects of High-tech Capital, FDI, and Outsourcing on Demand for Skills in West and East Piero Esposito and Robert Stehrer 14. The Dutch Productivity Performance: Cross your Border and Look Around Henry van der Wiel, Harold Creusen, George van Leeuwen and Eugene van der Pijll 15. International Comparison of Productivity in Market Services: Korea with EU KLEMS Member Countries Hyun Jeong Kim and Hak Kil Pyo
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