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Republic of Belarus :, Fourth Review Under the Stand: By Arrangement

Republic of Belarus :, Fourth Review Under the Stand: By Arrangement
This paper discusses key findings of the Fourth Review Under the Stand–By Arrangement for Belarus. All end-December quantitative and continuous performance criteria and structural benchmarks were met. Discussions focused on confirming the authorities’ commitment to program objectives, including with regard to lending under government programs, and on measures to reduce or offset the effects of higher prices on oil imports. The authorities also proposed to increase domestic prices of oil products and restructure the oil refining industry to reduce the need for subsidies
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Republic of Belarus :
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IMF Staff Country Reports
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Fourth Review Under the Stand: By Arrangement
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Cover; Contents; I. Introduction and Summary; Boxes; 1. Implications of the New Oil Supply Agreement with Russia; II. Recent Developments; 2. Why Did the Current Account Deficit Increase in 2009?; III. Policy Discussions; A. Macroeconomic Outlook; B. Monetary and Exchange Rate Policies; 3. What Does the Shock Imply for Current Account Sustainability Over the Medium Term?; C. Fiscal Policy; D. Financial Sector Issues; E. Other Structural Reforms; IV. Program Modalities and Capacity to Repay; V. Staff Appraisal; Tables; 1. Selected Economic Indicators, 2007-15; 2. Balance of Payments, 2007-153. Fiscal Indicators and Projections, 2007-104. Monetary Authorities' Accounts, 2007-10; 5. Monetary Survey, 2007-10; 6. Banking Sector Soundness Indicators, 2005-09; 7. Financing Requirements, 2009-10; 8. Indicators of External Vulnerability, 2005-09; 9. Capacity to Repay the Fund, 2009-15; Appendix; I. Debt Sustainability Analysis, 2005-15; II. Letter of Intent
Republic of Belarus, fourth review under the stand : by arrangement
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