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The Gambia
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The Gambia
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IMF Staff Country Reports
In recent years, the IMF has released a growing number of reports and other documents covering economic and financial developments and trends in member countries
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Cover; Contents; I: External Stability and Competitiveness in The Gambia; Main Findings; A. Background; Figures; I.1. Foreign Assets, Liabilities and Net Position; B. External Stability; Boxes; I.1. Data Deficiencies in The Gambia's Balance of Payments Revisited; Historical Evolution of the Balance of Payments; Tables; I.1. Summary of Results-External Stability and the Real Exchange Rate; The Macroeconomic Balance Approach; I.2. Developments in the Balance of Payments, 1997-2007; I.2. Estimate of Underlying Current Account Balance; I.3. Calculation of the Current Account NormThe External Sustainability ApproachI.4. Trade Elasticities; I.5. Calculation of Over/Under Valuation via the Macroeconomic Balance Approach; I.6. Implications of Maintaining 2007 Levels of the Current Account and Net Foreign Assets; I.3. NFA Target and Required Depreciation; I.7. Current and Target Net Foreign Assets; Equilibrium Real Exchange Rate (ERER) Approach; C. Competitiveness; Evolution of the Real Effective Exchange Rate; I.4. EREER Estimations; I.5. Effective Exchange Rates and Inflation, 1980-2008 Q1; I.6. REER Developments in Comparator Countries, 1980-2007I.7. Productivity Adjusted REER, 1991-2003Survey-Based Indicators; I.8. Ease of Doing Business Compared to Peers; I.8. Survey-Based Measures of Competitiveness; I.9. Competitiveness Rankings for 2006 Among ECOWAS Members in 2006; D. Conclusion; References; II: Fiscal Implications of an Economic Partnership Agreement; A.Introduction; B. Fiscal Aspects of an EPA: An Assessment of Potential Revenue Losses; II.1. Economic Partnership Agreements-Background; II.1. Tax-to-GDP Ratio in The Gambia and in Neighboring WAEMU Countries; II.2. Nominal GDP and Revenue Growth, 1989-2007II.3. Trends in Custom Duties and Total Fiscal Revenues, 1988-2007II.4. Custom Duties in Selected Sub-Saharan African Countries, Average 2002-06; II.1. Breakdown of the Key International Trade Taxes in The Gambia, 2007; II.2 International Trade Taxes and Custom Duties from EU Imports, 2007; II. 3. Average Annual Revenue Loss by Liberalization Scenario, 2010-25; C. The Infant-Industry Argument and Other Aspects of an EPA; D. Conclusion; Bibliography; Basic Data; Statistical Appendix Tables; 1. GDP by Sector at Constant Prices, 2000-07; 2. GDP by Sector at Current Market Prices, 2000-073. GDP Growth by Sector at Constant Prices, 2000-074. Implicit GDP Deflators, 2000-07; 5. Supply and Use of Resources, 2000-07; 6. Savings-Investment Balance, 2000-07; 7. Agricultural Production, 2000-07; 8. Minimum Producer Prices for Agricultural Commodities, 2000-07; 9. Indicators of Tourism Activity, 2000-07; 10. Energy Statistics, 2000-07; 11. Public Sector Wage Scale, 2000-06; 12. Minimum Daily Wages, 1998-2007; 13. Overall Consumer Price Index, January 2000-June 2008; 14. National Consumer Price Index, August 2004-June 200815. Central Government Operations, 2000-07 (in millions dalasis)