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An introduction to green criminology and environmental justice, Angus Nurse

An introduction to green criminology and environmental justice, Angus Nurse
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An introduction to green criminology and environmental justice
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Angus Nurse
A comprehensive introduction to green criminology, this book is a discussion of the relationship between mainstream criminal justice and green crimes. Focused on environmental harm within the context of criminal justice this book takes a global perspective and *Introduces students to different theoretical perspectives in green criminology *Looks at the victims of environmental crime throughout *Covers topics such as; wildlife crimes, animal abuse, the causes of environmental crime, regulation, exploitation, environmental activism, policing, prosecution and monitoring. Designed to help readers develop a thorough understanding of the principles of environmental justice and green criminology, as well as contemporary developments, this book will be excellent support to student of green criminology and environmental crime
Table Of Contents
Part 1: Introduction and Theory Chapter 1: An Introduction to Green Criminological Theories Chapter 2: Species Justice: Animal Rights, Animal Abuse and Violence Towards Humans Chapter 3: The Causes of Environmental Crime and Criminality Part 2: Environmental Crime as Global Crime Chapter 4: The Future Protection of Wildlife: Resolving Wildlife Crime and Illegal Wildlife Trafficking Chapter 5: Regulating Environmental Harm: Environmental Crime and Governance Chapter 6: The Criminal Exploitation of Natural Resources Chapter 7: Climate Change and Environmental Damage Part 3: Policing, Prosecution and Monitoring Environmental Crime Chapter 8: The Green Movement: NGOs and Environmental Justice Chapter 9: Investigating Environmental Crime Chapter 10: Repairing the Harm: Restorative Justice and Environmental Courts
Introduction to green criminology and environmental justice
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