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Political Islam, a critical reader, edited by Frédéric Volpi

Political Islam, a critical reader, edited by Frédéric Volpi
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Political Islam
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edited by Frédéric Volpi
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a critical reader
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I. Introduction : critically studying political Islam -- II. Modern understandings and explanations of Islamism. What is political Islam? / Charles Hirschkind -- Being Muslim Islam, Islamism and identity politics / Salwa Ismail -- From national struggle to the disillusionments of "recolonization" : the triple temporality of Islamism / François Burgat -- Deciphering Islam's multiple voices : intellectual luxury or strategic necessity? / Mohammed Ayoob -- The forgotten swamp : navigating political Islam / Guilain Denoeux -- III. Political Islam, the state and political power. Visions of an Islamic Republic : good governance according to the Islamists / Gudrun Krämer -- Religion and realpolitik : Islamic responses to the Gulf War / James Piscatori -- Good Muslim, bad Muslim : a political perspective on culture and terrorism / Mahmood Mamdani -- The Islamist impasse? / Salman Sayyid -- IV. Political Islam and democracy. The politics of presence / Asef Bayat -- Social movement theory, selective incentives, and benefits / Janine Clark -- Public Islam and the problem of democratization / Robert W. Hefner -- The path to moderation : strategy and learning in the formation of Egypt's Wasat party / Carrie Rosefsky Wickham -- V. Islamist movements in multicultural settings. Beyond migration : Islam as a transnational public space / John R. Bowen -- Trying to understand French secularism / Talal Asad -- Islam in public : new visibilities and new imaginaries / Nilüfer Göle -- The predicament of diaspora and millennial Islam : reflections on September 11, 2001 / Pnina Werbner -- Islam in the West or Western Islam? The disconnect of religion and culture / Olivier Roy -- VI. Political Islam and political violence. The origins and development of the jihadist movement : from anti-communism to terrorism / Gilles Kepel -- A genealogy of radical Islam / Quintan Wiktorowicz -- Global jihadism after the Iraq War / Thomas Hegghammer -- Accounting for Al-Qaeda / Faisal Devji -- VII. The globalization of Islamism. Reimagining the Ummah? Information technology and the changing boundaries of political Islam / Peter Mandaville -- New medinas : The Tablighi Jamacat in America and Europe / Barbara D. Metcalf -- Civic virtue and religious reason : an Islamic counterpublic / Charles Hirschkind -- Globalization and diversification of Islamic movements : three Turkish cases / Ahmet T. Kuru -- VIII. The future of political Islam. The future of political Islam : its dilemmas and options / Graham E. Fuller -- Islamists and the politics of consensus / Daniel Brumberg -- Ethical formation and politics of individual autonomy in contemporary Egypt / Saba Mahmood -- The end of Islamism? Turkey's Muslimhood model / Jenny B. White
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