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Entrepreneurship in Indonesia, from artisan and tourism to technology-based business growth, Vanessa Ratten

Entrepreneurship in Indonesia, from artisan and tourism to technology-based business growth, Vanessa Ratten
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non fiction
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Entrepreneurship in Indonesia
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Vanessa Ratten
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Routledge Studies in Entrepreneurship
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from artisan and tourism to technology-based business growth
"Whilst other countries in Asia particularly China and India have been studied in terms of entrepreneurial endeavors, there is a lack of research on Indonesia despite it being amongst the fastest growing economies in the world. Indonesia is also one of the largest recipients of venture capital in Asia. This book looks at the growth of entrepreneurship in Indonesia from artisan and cultural endeavors to an increased awareness of digital and technology-based forms of entrepreneurship. The book examines the distinct cultural heritage of people in Indonesia towards entrepreneurial pursuits and analyses the role family and minority businesses play in the development of entrepreneurial capabilities. It stresses the need to focus on more categories of entrepreneurship in Indonesia such as artisan, tourism and sustainability in order to facilitate the growth of digital based startups. This book will be amongst the first to explore how Indonesia is leaping ahead of competitors in its quest to be a dominant world power through its entrepreneurial pursuits"--, Provided by publisher
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Cover -- Half Title -- Series Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Table of Contents -- List of Tables -- List of Figures -- Acknowledgements -- List of Contributors -- 1 Indonesian entrepreneurship: origins, conceptualisation and practice -- 2 Artisan entrepreneurship in Indonesia -- 3 Food artisan entrepreneurship in Indonesia -- 4 Knowledge management and artisan entrepreneurship in Indonesia -- 5 Indonesian migrant entrepreneurs: a comparison of two cohorts in Malaysia -- 6 Technology entrepreneurship in Indonesia -- 7 Cross-sectional study (period 2013-2016) of the factors that identify entrepreneurship in Indonesia -- 8 Rural entrepreneurship and social innovation in Indonesia -- 9 Indonesian entrepreneurship: Future directions -- Index
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