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Sexual harassment, your questions answered, Justine J. Reel

Sexual harassment, your questions answered, Justine J. Reel
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Sexual harassment
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Justine J. Reel
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Q&A health guides
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your questions answered
"This book answers readers' most pressing questions about sexual harassment, including how to identify it, its causes, and its effects. It also provides guidance and resources for anyone experiencing or witnessing sexual harassment"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
Cover -- Title Page -- Copyright -- Contents -- Introduction -- Series Foreword -- Acknowledgments -- Guide to Health Literacy -- Common Misconceptions about Sexual Harassment -- Questions and Answers -- Identifying Sexual Harassment -- 1. What is sexual harassment? -- 2. What is the difference between sexual harassment, sexual assault, and sexual misconduct? -- 3. Where can sexual harassment occur? -- 4. What are the warning signs that someone you know has been affected by sexual harassment? -- 5. How prevalent is sexual harassment in the United States? -- 6. How is sexual harassment viewed in countries around the globe? -- 7. What are the laws against sexual harassment in the United States? -- 8. What does consent mean? -- 9. When were the first sexual harassment cases documented? -- 10. What are common characteristics of a harasser? -- 11. What are workplace romances? -- Causes and Risk Factors -- 12. Why does sexual harassment occur? -- 13. Do both males and females experience sexual harassment? -- 14. Are certain groups of people more likely to experience sexual harassment than others? -- 15. What do gender identity and sexual orientation have to do with sexual harassment? -- 16. What does age have to do with sexual harassment? -- 17. What do race or ethnicity have to do with sexual harassment? -- 18. Does being a victim of childhood abuse increase one's likelihood of experiencing sexual harassment as an adult? -- 19. What is victim blaming? -- 20. What is sex addiction? Is there a relationship between sex addiction and sexual harassment? -- Consequences and Effects -- 21. What are the physical effects associated with sexual harassment? -- 22. What are the psychological/emotional effects associated with sexual harassment? What role does sexual harassment play in the development of eating disorders or other mental health disorders?23. How are academics impacted by sexual harassment? -- 24. How is one's job performance and satisfaction impacted by sexual harassment? -- 25. What are the economic effects associated with sexual harassment? -- 26. What does it mean to be a "survivor" of sexual harassment? -- 27. How does sexual harassment impact the perpetrator? -- Confronting and Preventing Sexual Harassment -- 28. How is sexual harassment detected or reported? -- 29. What are statutes of limitations? -- 30. What steps should I take if I'm being sexually harassed? -- 31. What are the barriers to reporting sexual harassment? Why don't people report? -- 32. What resources are available for victims of sexual harassment? -- 33. What support groups are available to help people who have been victims of sexual harassment? -- 34. How can therapy help victims of sexual harassment? -- 35. What is the best way to help someone who may have been a victim of sexual harassment? -- 36. What is bystander intervention? What should I do when I witness sexual harassment? -- 37. How can sexual harassment be prevented at schools? What educational strategies can be adopted? -- 38. How can I get involved in the cause to raise awareness about sexual harassment? -- 39. How can individuals help build a culture of respect at workplaces to prevent sexual harassment? -- Sexual Harassment and Popular Culture -- 40. What role does the media play in the development of a culture of sexual harassment? -- 41. What role do sports play in the development of a culture that permits sexual harassment? -- 42. Which famous people/celebrities have reported sexual harassment? -- 43. What is the #MeToo movement? What sparked this movement? -- 44. How is "Time's Up" the next step in the#Me Too movement? -- Case Studies -- Glossary -- Directory of Resources -- Index -- About the Author
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