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Accounting reform in transition and developing economies, Robert W. McGee, Editor

Accounting reform in transition and developing economies, Robert W. McGee, Editor
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Accounting reform in transition and developing economies
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Robert W. McGee, Editor
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I. COUNTRY STUDIES. 1. Accounting Reforms in Bosnia and Herzegovina Since 1992 / Meliha Basic -- 2. Converting Enterprise Accounting Systems in Emerging Economies: A Case Study of Bosnia / Robert W. McGee, Senad Pekmez -- 3. Banking Reform in China / Belinda Bai, Jens Holscher -- 4. Accounting Reform in Croatia / Mira Dimitrić -- 5. Accounting Reform in the Czech Republic / Marcela Žárová -- 6. Development of Accounting and Implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards in Estonia / Jaan Alver, Lehte Alver -- 7. Accounting Reform in Lithuania / Vaclovas Lakis, Laimute Kazlauskiene -- 8. Accounting Systems and Structures in Poland / Navchaa Lamjav -- 9. Accounting Reform and the Role of Cultural and Historical Paradigms in Transitional Economies of Eastern Europe: The Case of Russia / Arsen M. Djatej, Robert H. S. Sarikas, David L. Senteney -- 10. Prospects of Transition of the Russian Banking Sector to International Accounting Standards / Vladimir V. Kachalin -- 11. A Reemerging Professional in an Emerging Market: The Story of the Modern Serbian Accountancy Profession / Željko Šević -- 12. Reform of Slovak Accounting / Alberta Suhanyiova, Marian Gal -- 13. Spain and the Transition to IFRS / Ana Zorio -- 14. The Changing Financial System in Taiwan / Doris H. Chuang, Jens Hölscher -- II. ACCOUNTING EDUCATION. 15. Reforming Accounting Education in a Transition Economy: A Case Study of Armenia / Robert W. McGee -- 16. Accounting and Business Education in China / Guo Zhiwen -- 17. Accounting Education in the Republic of Croatia / Katarina Zager -- 18. Accounting Education in the Czech Republic: A Case Study / Eva Holínská -- 19. The Development of Accounting Higher Education in the Czech Republic / Miloslav Janhuba -- 20. Quality and Effectiveness of Prequalification Education of Professional Accountants in the Czech Republic / Bohumil Král, Libuše Müllerová -- 21. Accounting Education in Russia and the USA: A Comparative Study / Robert W. McGee, Galina G. Preobragenskaya -- 22. Accounting Education in the Slovak Republic / Radoslav Tusan, Lenka Stasova -- 23. Comments from a Fly on the Wall: An Outsider's Inside View of Ukrainian Education / Jeffrey D. Heyd -- 24. Teaching and Training of International Accounting Standards in Former Soviet Republics and the Balkans 1994-2005 / Laszlo J. Urmenyhazi -- III. ACCOUNTING CERTIFICATION. 25. International Accounting Certification in the CIS, Eastern and Central Europe / Robert W. McGee, Galina G. Preobragenskaya -- 26. Accounting Certification in the Russian Language / Robert W. McGee -- 27. Accounting Certification in Central Asia / Robert W. McGee -- 28. Accounting Certification in Russia / Robert W. McGee -- 29. Accounting Certification in Ukraine / Robert W. McGee -- 30. Certification of Accountants in Georgia / Robert W. McGee -- 31. Accounting Certification in the Slovak Republic / Anna Banociova, Jozef Lescisin -- IV. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE. 32. Corporate Governance in Russia: Concept and Reality / Andrei Kuznetsov, Olga Kuznetsova -- 33. Timeliness of Financial Reporting in the Russian Energy Sector / Robert W. McGee -- 34. The Timeliness of Financial Reporting and the Russian Banking System: An Empirical Study / Robert W. McGee, Thomas Tarangelo -- 35. Corporate Governance in the Slovak Republic / Jan Vravec, Radoslav Bajus -- 36. Opinions on the Ethics of Tax Evasion: A Comparative Study of Ten Transition Economies / Robert W. McGee, Wendy Gelman
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