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De-westernizing communication research, altering questions and changing frameworks, edited by Georgette Wang

De-westernizing communication research, altering questions and changing frameworks, edited by Georgette Wang
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non fiction
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De-westernizing communication research
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edited by Georgette Wang
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Routledge contemporary Asia series ;, v. 25
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altering questions and changing frameworks
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Beyond de-westernizing communication research: an introduction / Georgette Wang -- Eurocentrism in communication research: the problem and its contributing factors : de-westernizing communication: strategies for neutralizing cultural myths / Molefi Kete Asante -- Emerging global divides in media and communication theory: European universalism versus non-Western reactions / Shelton Gunaratne -- Globalizing media and communication studies: thoughts on the translocal and the modern / Marwan Kraidy -- Orientalism, occidentalism and communication research /Georgette Wang -- The promises of focusing on the particular De-Westernizing" communication studies in Chinese societies / Paul S.N. Lee -- To Westernize or not: That's NOT the question / Wei-wen Chung -- Pitfalls of cross-Cultural analysis: Chinese Wenyi Film and Melodrama Emilie / Yueh-yu Yeh -- From cultural specificity to cultural generality: The possibility of universal universality -- The geography of theory and the place of knowledge: Pivots, peripheries and waiting rooms / David Morley -- Journeys to the west: the making of Asian modernities / Graham Murdock -- Beyond the Dichotomy of Communication Studies / Guo-Ming Chen -- Beyond ethnocentrism in communication theory: towards a culture-centric approach / Eddie C. Y. Kuo and Han Ei Chew -- Deconceptualizing de-westernization: science of meaning as an alternative / Yaly Chao -- Opportunities, limitations, and implications for future research: Whither Eurocentrism media, culture and nativism in our time / Gholam Khiabany -- The Production of Asian theories of communication: contexts and challenges / Wimal Dissanayake -- The definition and types of alternative discourses / Syed Farid Alatas -- After the fall of the Tower of Babel: Culture-commensurability as a point of departure / Georgette Wang
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