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Education, work and social change in Britain's former coalfield communities, the ghost of coal, edited by Robin Simmons, Kat Simpson

Education, work and social change in Britain's former coalfield communities, the ghost of coal, edited by Robin Simmons, Kat Simpson
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Education, work and social change in Britain's former coalfield communities
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edited by Robin Simmons, Kat Simpson
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the ghost of coal
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Intro -- Foreword -- Reference -- Contents -- Notes on Contributors -- Abbreviations -- List of Figures -- List of Tables -- Introduction: Education, Work and Social Change in Britain's Former Coalfield Communities -- The Coalfields in Context -- Structure and Organisation of the Book -- References -- Contextualising the Coalfields: Mapping the Socio-Economic and Cultural Loss of the Coal Industry -- Introduction -- The Tale of Two Billys -- The Half-Life of Coal and the Half-Life of Deindustrialisation -- Discussion -- References -- Growing-Up in the Interregnum: Accounts from the South Yorkshire Coalfield -- Introduction -- State Management of Economic Change -- An Economic Interregnum -- A New Form of Social Rule? -- References -- A Conflictual Legacy: Being a Coalminer's Daughter -- Introduction -- Hard Lives: Four Generations of a Coalmining Family -- Challenging Over-Simplified Narratives: Unravelling the Lived Complexities of Mining Communities -- Conclusion -- References -- How Education and Training Developed the Mining Workforce: Oral Recollection and Testimonies -- Introduction -- Education and Training for the Coal Industry: Early Beginnings -- Nationalisation of the Coal Industry: Expansion and Growth of Provision -- Miners' Recollections of Their Education and Training -- The Mining Surveyor -- Area Mining Manager -- Mining Apprentice to Author -- From Miners to Librarians -- From Miner to Ornithologist -- Conclusion -- References -- 'Dirty, Dirty Job. Not Good for Your Health': Working-Class Men and Their Experiences and Relationships with Employment -- Introduction -- Literature Review -- Post-World War Two Studies -- Experience of Work -- The Shift from Manual to Service Sector Work -- Contemporary Studies -- Contextual Information and Methodology -- Findings -- 'Most Men I Know Are in Construction and That Stuff''I'm Just an Active Guy and Want to Keep Moving' -- 'Dirty, Dirty Job Like. Not Good for Your Health' -- Discussion and Conclusion -- References -- Education, Social Haunting, and Deindustrialisation: Attuning to Ghosts in the Hidden Curriculum -- Introduction -- Lillydown and Lillydown Primary School -- Spectrality, Marxism, and Education -- The Social Relations of Schooling: Tracing Ghosts -- The Way of the Ghost -- The Paradox of Social Haunting -- Conclusion: The 'Something-To-Be-Done' -- References -- Teaching Industrial History After Deindustrialisation: 'Tracks of the Past' in the Scottish Coalfields -- Introduction -- A Coalfield Heritage -- TOTP 1: Background and Lesson Observations -- TOTP 2: Outcomes -- Conclusion -- References -- 'I Was Never Very Clever, but I Always Survived!': Educational Experiences of Women in Britain's Coalfield Communities, 1944-1990 -- Introduction -- Class -- Gender -- Imagined Futures -- Experiences of School and the Making of the Self -- Conclusion -- References -- Are We Expecting Too Much? Aspirations and Expectations of Girls Living in an Ex-Mining Community -- Introduction -- Disadvantage and Underachievement -- Girls and Vulnerability to Underachievement -- Expecting Too Much? -- Community Context -- School Context -- Interviews -- Aspirations and Expectations: Primary Schoolgirls -- Aspirations and Expectations: Secondary Schoolgirls -- Achieving Aspirations? -- The Primary Schoolgirls Who Progressed to SS1 -- The Primary Schoolgirls Who Progressed to SS2 -- The Primary Schoolgirls Who Progressed to SS3 and SS4 -- The Secondary Schoolgirls: SS1 -- The Secondary Schoolgirls: SS2 -- What Can Schools Do? -- Confidence and Trust -- Achievement and Resilience -- Understanding Successful Learning Behaviour -- Conclusion -- ReferencesPractices and Negotiations of Belonging in the Deindustrialising Coalfields: Navigating School, Education and Memory Through a Time of Transformation -- Introduction -- Remembering Collaboratively -- Belonging and the Coalfields -- Belonging, Place and Class -- School and Education: Senses and Practices of Belonging -- Legacies and Reflection -- References -- Conclusion: The Ghost of Coal -- Neoliberalism, Dispossession and the Ghost of Coal -- Life After Coal -- Revisiting the Ghost of Coal -- References -- Epilogue -- References -- Index
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