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Cyberdiplomacy, managing security and governance online, Shaun Riordan

Cyberdiplomacy, managing security and governance online, Shaun Riordan
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CyberdiplomacyCyberdiplomacy, Managing Security and Governance Online
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Shaun Riordan
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managing security and governance online
The world has been sleep-walking into cyber chaos. The spread of misinformation via social media and the theft of data and intellectual property, along with regular cyberattacks, threaten the fabric of modern societies. All the while, the Internet of Things increases the vulnerability of computer systems, including those controlling critical infrastructure. What can be done to tackle these problems? Does diplomacy offer ways of managing security and containing conflict online? In this provocative book, Shaun Riordan shows how traditional diplomatic skills and mindsets can be combined with new technologies to bring order and enhance international cooperation. He explains what cyberdiplomacy means for diplomats, foreign services and corporations and explores how it can be applied to issues such as internet governance, cybersecurity, cybercrime and information warfare. Cyberspace, he argues, is too important to leave to technicians. Using the vital tools offered by cyberdiplomacy, we can reduce the escalation and proliferation of cyberconflicts by proactively promoting negotiation and collaboration online
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Introduction -- The diplomat in cyberspace -- Regulating cyberspace -- Mitigating cyberconflict -- Business and cyberdiplomacy -- Algorithms and internet companies -- Building diplomacy online
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