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The body of knowledge, fieldwork and conceptualization in social inquiry, Kornelia Engert

The body of knowledge, fieldwork and conceptualization in social inquiry, Kornelia Engert
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non fiction
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The body of knowledge
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Kornelia Engert
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Directions in Ethnomethodology and Conversation Analysis
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fieldwork and conceptualization in social inquiry
"This book presents a vivid and close-up view of social science researchers engaged in fieldwork, in discussions with colleagues and in writing. Adopting an ethnographic approach inspired by ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, the author pursues a praxeological analysis of social inquiry in situ. By conceiving of analytical practices such as observation, shop talk, and conceptualization in experiential terms, the seen but unnoticed structures of knowledge work are exposed and made available for empirical analysis. In a departure from ethnographic studies of research that focus on the physical sciences, the author uses the example of sociological research to shed new light on the role of self and mind for epistemic cultures, on the elusive materiality of conceptual objects, and on researchers' experiential ways of seizing, reviewing and accrediting knowledge. A rich and pervasive study of elementary sites in the research process, The Body of Knowledge will appeal to scholars of sociology, anthropology, and the humanities with interests in the epistemic practice of their own discipline, as well as those working in fields such as the social study of science, ethnomethodology and conversation analysis, and the sociology of interaction"--, Provided by publisher
Table Of Contents
1. Research Unsettled: Bodies of Knowledge in Social Inquiry2. Grounds of Fieldwork: Making Experiences, Taking Records, Filing the Social3. Talk-at-hand: Conversational Spaces for Handling Conceptual Objects4. Shops of Writing and the Practice of Self-Review5. How Bodies Attach to Conceptual Objects
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